Saturday, July 5, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #130

I've been so busy with family stuff lately, that I haven't had time to watch much TV. I just watched my summer Must-See shows like Major Crimes, Teen Wolf, Beauty & The Beast, Hot in Cleveland, and Longmire. Woo hoo!

Behind again on "Bold & Beautiful", but I thought it was really dumb the way that Aly went from being kind of psycho and about to hit Taylor with an ax, and then five minutes later, Aly had forgiven her.  What???  Come on, that's not even trying.  I hope that after Aly finds out that Oliver is not really into her, she goes off again.  It's not very realistic that someone so disturbed would just suddenly be normal because she has a hunky boyfriend (let alone forgiving someone she's hated most of her life). I was shocked when Soap Opera Digest praised the episode in one part of their magazine, but then their great columnist Carolyn Hinsley pointed out how stupid it was, so that was a relief to read.

Beauty & The Beast is always entertaining, and they had a great episode recently where Kat and Vincent had to go live in the witness protection program as a suburban couple. It was fun and interesting. However, it was marred by the fact that it all happened in just one episode. They should have either made it an episode arc of at least 3 episodes, or said during the episode something like "3 months later" because it was too quick.  They moved in, met the victim, met his killer, the man was killed, they found his killer, moved out.  Stupid.  And again, I'm not happy that they're making Gabe a bad guy (and now a beast again!).

You've probably already read this by now, but "Teen Wolf" is even better this season than before. I'm glad they didn't leave Derek as a teenager too long! The kid they got to play him was really good, though. I like all of the characters, and Stiles is my favorite, but I love the actor who plays Derek (he's so gorgeous!), so it's good to keep him around.  I still really miss Allison, though, but Malia is growing on me.

Movies are fun, too, and my favorites, just like TV, are the scifi/fantasy/comic book movies. I don't go very often because I don't have many friends here yet to go with, and my husband is not a movie fan. I usually end up buying them on DVD. A good friend is coming to visit on Monday, so hopefully we'll see some good ones. I'm annoyed that I missed Captain America, though. We'll probably get to see X-Men but it's not in 3D. Bummer!

Why the soaps make the decisions they do about which shows get pre-empted on which holiday? I have no clue. All of the soaps had new episodes on 4th of July, except for "General Hospital", which had a re-run from April.  This should be the last planned pre-emption until Labor Day in September.

If you get On Demand, by the way, they have all of the episodes of Lifetime's Witches of East End, which returns July 6. I wish they did that with all shows. For that matter, I wish you could watch past seasons On Demand, not just the past one.

I hope you all had a great holiday 3 day weekend and got to watch lots of sports and/or soaps, and catch up on your favorite shows, etc. Do you have a favorite holiday TV show or movie you like to watch? There are some great marathons usually... they had a ton of them this weekend for "Walking Dead", "Batman", "NCIS", "Star Trek: Next Generation" and of course "The Twilight Zone"!  Here's a link that lists them all.

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