Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #144

  • Monday 10/6

We're still looking for someone to write "The Young & The Restless" and "Bold & The Beautiful" on Thursdays and Fridays regularly... we have people filling in but they have to do them late due to other commitments. Please email me if you can help out at all!

Lots of great shows on TV this week.... I enjoyed the "Supernatural" special they had on tonight that talked about the past 9 seasons.  I also enjoyed seeing "Castle" again, and "Gotham". I really can't imagine what it could possibly be that Castle wants to forget so badly! I wonder if it's not about him, but someone else?

I can't wait for this week's debut of "The Flash". It looks really good!

  • Tuesday 10/7

TMZ is saying that actor Stephen Collins is a child molester. Gosh, I sure hope that's not true.... I always liked him. First Bill Cosby and now him. It's hard to know who to root for any more, isn't it?

I was hoping to get a chance to interview Peter Capaldi ("Dr. Who"), but they say those interviews are being pushed back now because the debut of his movie is being pushed back. I hope it works out! That would be so awesome. The movie is "INSIDE THE MIND OF LEONARDO IN 3D" It was originally going to be released this month, but now it's December. Darn!

This time of year is when they start fixating on which show(s) will be the first to get canceled. I hope it's not "Forever". I like that one. I can't imagine it will be "Gotham" because that's a great show.

So, The CW decided to limit their screeners to just a few press this year, and I didn't get their new shows. I was upset about it, especially with regard to "The Flash". Then I found a copy online. Easily. They should have trusted me instead of whomever they decided to trust instead because I never leak screeners. I wouldn't violate their trust like that. I guess they're lucky because only "The Flash" was leaked and not "Jane the Virgin", at least that I could see, but that might be due to the fact that the first one is scifi/fantasy/comics so there's more interest in it.  Anyway, "The Flash" is great, and I love it!!

I'm still half-watching "General Hospital". I have to run the transcripts every week day, anyway, for our site, and I'm fairly caught up on it, so I just watch it in the background. I have to admit, though, that it's been pretty good, for the most part. The writing has largely been a lot tighter. They always do a great job with the dialogue, and the acting is pretty good, but sometimes I hate how they write the story...when it's contrived or stupid or predictable or repetitive or obvious.  Here's a funny thing I had posted on Twitter last week: 'Watching "General Hospital" and Franco says "fiancée", but the closed-caption has it as "Beyoncé"! LOL!'  The closed-captioning is often wrong, but that one was unusually silly.

One of the things GH does is pander to the fans, especially the older fans like me. Mostly I appreciate that, but sometimes it just seems like they sit around and go, "OK, now which old actor can we bring back for a few days to shut these old biddies up?"  They dig out people you've forgotten about and then they're only on a brief time, then they're gone. Sometimes the stories are good, but often they've bad.  This recent nonsense with Peter Harrell and his son was bad. I didn't mind the characters, but it was a bit of a head-scratcher since it was so long ago, and Harrell wasn't on that long, and the new story was very convoluted. I'm glad they used Felicia a bit more, though, but I would have liked to see her used more, and in a better story.  Similarly, I enjoyed having the Cassadines back, and Robin, but it was way too short. 

  • Wednesday 10/8

I haven't been good this week about keeping up with the blogs! So busy. Sorry about that. I've mostly just been busy getting ready for Halloween, and watching lots of DVD's and other shows they want me to review on our site.  I love Halloween, how about you? They have lots of Halloween movies, but few TV shows, or at least, few perennial favorites like "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"  But I'm kind of looking forward to the new Toy Story Halloween special they're airing tomorrow night. Hope it's good!

I'm having a Halloween party, so I'm already planning what media to use for the party. I recorded a bunch of spooky sounds and songs to play, but I have many TV's in our house, so I'm planning to play different movies and shows on those. They'll just in each room for the fun of it, as background. This is going to probably be all adults, but it's possible one couple will bring their kids, so we'll have something on for them, just in case. I haven't quite decided yet, but I think I'll record a bunch of the Harry Potter movies onto VHS and then play that on one TV (VHS is better because it can then run for up to 8 hours - not that our party will last that long!), and then I was hoping to have the Charlie Brown special and "Night of the Living Dead", and possibly some other older shows on one TV (but without commercials - don't want those playing!)  and then I have two TV's in the living room, so I was going to playa DVD of Rocky and its sequel on one (I think that's probably about 4 hours, not sure), and then on the other TV either play Halloween music or play a bunch of scary movies. It all depends on whether the kids will be there or not - don't want to play R rated movies if they're there. Or I might play an American Horror Story DVD or Penny Dreadful. We'll see! :) Fun! I love Halloween. So excited, like a kid!

  • Thursday 10/9

There's this one publicity company that often sends me invitations to interview their people when they have something to promote. A lot of times they're very minor actors I never heard of, or worse, reality show stars, but sometimes I get someone really good. I've been emailing back and forth for months with them about interviewing Sebastian Roché. I was hoping to interview him today, but due to my weird hours and time zone, it didn't work out. Hopefully we can reschedule it soon! I would love to speak with him. He's one of my favorites. He's been on so many shows I watch and love, like "Fringe", "NCIS", "Supernatural", "Vampire Diaries", "The Originals", etc. as well as, obviously, General Hospital.  He's awesome!

I did get to speak with Eva Longoria this morning about the ALMA awards that are airing tomorrow, so that was pretty cool. She and some other people were in a conference call interview with me and other journalists. It was exciting to speak with her!

I asked Jessica Collins (Y&R's Avery) a question in Soap Opera Digest. You can see it in the 9/29 issue or here on our site.

FX sent me the first two episodes of "American Horror Story: Freak Show" and wow, it was creepy, gross-- all those things you expect from that show. They do a great job with the writing and acting. Despite the fact that I don't like the show because it's just not my kind of show (not upbeat enough and too gross and lurid a lot of times), they do tug at your emotions and make you care about the characters. I know it seems silly that someone who loves Halloween so much would not like that type of show, but what can I say... I like the fun of Halloween, and I don't get scared easily, but I don't like watching gross stuff in movies or TV, like torture, or bodily fluids. I don't mind SOME shows that are a bit depressing, like The Killing, but if it's too sad or dismal, I don't like it. I prefer happy endings, not shows where everyone dies at the end (which is what happened in the first season of AHS). I would probably watch it if there was nothing else to watch, because it is so good... Oh, and don't even get me started on the creepy killer clown! That would definitely give me nightmares.

It was very sad to learn today that Jan Hooks passed away (I guess from cancer). Wow. She was so young! Only 5 years older than me. You just never know. She's the 3rd person to die from that "class" of SNL after Phil Hartman (who was murdered) and Chris Farley (drug overdose).

  • Friday 10/10

I had complained last week about "Forever" but this week's episode was fantastic! It had a great mystery and was also very romantic. I sure enjoy that show.

I got to watch 2 horror movies this week that they sent me. One was "Animal" on Chiller this week, which was pretty terrible (standard young people in the woods movie) and the other one was "Finders Keepers" on Syfy next week, which is not bad.  One of my favorite actors, especially on soaps, Thorsten Kaye, was in "Animal" and he was the only thing good in it. Unfortunately, they do kill him off in the movie. It's already aired, so I can give spoilers.  Everyone dies except for one girl at the end.  The other movie also starred a former soap star, Patrick Muldoon, as well as Jaime Pressly.  Their little girl finds a creepy doll. They did a fine job with the film and there are only a few stupid parts in it (for a Syfy movie, that's a big bonus).  It's very creepy and a bit scary. I hate that doll, yuk. Muldoon was on "Days of Our Lives" back in the mid-90's as Austin, and wow, he was so gorgeous back then and did a fabulous job as Austin. He went back a few years ago, but the writing was not nearly as good. They made Austin into a wimp.  Honestly, one of the flaws of this movie is that Pressley's character seems to be kind of a bitch (she has very little warmth or likability in the movie, even though she's supposed to be the heroine). You wonder why she's divorcing Muldoon's character, who's so nice. There are hints that he cheated on her, but they never really say. Former "Star Trek: The Next Generation" star Marina Sirtis plays the crazy cat lady next door. You should watch it - I enjoyed it. I didn't think I would, but I did. I get to interview Muldoon and Sirtis on Tuesday!  The little girl in this movie is really good, too!!

Congratulations to Anthony Cucina and Arthur Willey Jr., our September Giveaway Winners! Woo hoo! Enter every month at  Please do enter - we need more people to enter!! I give away two prizes every week (usually DVD's).  The October drawing is over 10/25 so hurry and enter!

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  • Saturday 10/11

Do you watch TV on the weekend? I know lots of people watch football or other sports... my husband is into it so he's usually watching football or baseball, sometimes basketball. We usually go out on Saturdays to watch the Bama games since we used to live in Tuscaloosa. Well, he watches the game. I eat and drink, play on my phone! :)

There isn't too much new TV on Saturdays anymore. I just have "Doctor Who" and "Intruders" on my DVR, but they're almost over now. This week's "Doctor Who" was really good for a change. I don't mind the new doctor, but the stories this season have been pretty terrible. Not that it matters that there's nothing new to watch on Saturdays...I always have way too much to watch, anyway! But it's sad when you think about that used to be such a great night to watch TV.

I enjoyed the season finale of "Intruders". It's always good, although sometimes I don't know what's going on. Fabulous acting and story that just races along. Speaking of little girls, the one in this show was wonderful, too!! You really believed that she was two different people. I hope it gets renewed for a second season.

This weekend I was watching the Perry Mason movies from the late 80's. Those are so fun. I like seeing all the actors. These are volumes 4-6 and included some great guest stars like Robert Guillaume, Patty Duke, Brian Keith, Pernell Roberts, Deidre Hall, and very young Bruce Greenwood and David Hasselhoff! Not to mention a young Jim Beaver (Bobby on "Supernatural"!)  I loved seeing William Katt in the earlier ones playing Paul Drake, Jr. (he was Barbara Hale's son in real life - Della Street), and then later William R. Moses from "Falcon Crest" replaced him as a young lawyer that helped Perry.  I read that Robert Downey, Jr. is making a Perry Mason movie. Hmm, interesting.  I hope he does it respectfully and it's not like the Sherlock Holmes movies (I love those but...I would not like them to be the ONLY representation of Sherlock Holmes in the world because they're not very authentic).

  • Sunday 10/12

I searched for articles about William Katt. My, he's gotten old...but anyway, one of them mentioned that he'd auditioned for Luke Skywalker in Star Wars! I found this interesting video that shows his audition. Not only that, but he's with Kurt Russell, who's also auditioning. They sure had a very different take on the characters. What's also interesting is that they then switch and Katt plays Han and Russell plays Luke. It just goes to show you that they really didn't know yet what they wanted to do with the characters. There were a lot of changes in the names and other dialogue as well. It's very obvious, though, that Katt became a much better actor after that, by the time he did "The Greatest American Hero".

Please sign this petition to help save Dallas!

There were some re-runs this weekend, which surprised me. Maybe because of Columbus Day? I have no idea.  "Real Time with Bill Maher" and "Family Guy" were both re-runs. Strange!

  • Monday 10/13

Today's episode of "General Hospital" was fantastic! The best one in a long time. The dialogue was sparkling with wit. Sebastian Roché showed up again to play Jerry, as a sort of surprise guest (there had been rumors he would appear). Silas finally finding out about Nina's lies was a great payoff. Liesl and Madeline confronting each other was really good. Jason taking off his bandages was great. Wow! I wish they had more episodes like this. I hope they continue to improve. I might have to start paying attention again! LOL!  Talk about bad timing that I didn't get to interview Sebastian last week... I was going to ask about the rumors. Oh, well!

I've been rushing to finish reviewing the DVD's they've sent me lately. I still have a small pile of about 4 to watch and review as well as a few others to write up reviews for. It sure keeps me busy! I have a few more to put up from Sundi and Eva, too. I'll do that tonight. Hopefully, once I get caught up on the DVD's, I can then get caught up on some of last season's shows, so I can watch this season's episodes! Like "Vampire Diaries", "The Originals", "Person of Interest", "Sleepy Hollow", "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", and "Reign".  Well, I can try to catch up, right? LOL!

"Castle" is always great to see and I enjoyed all of the invisibility stuff this week!  I'm still really enjoying "The Good Wife", too. It's always outstanding. All shows should be as good as that one.

Have a great week!