Sunday, February 9, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #110

  • Sunday February 3

Since the Super Bowl was on, there wasn't much to watch on TV.  Besides, where we live, it was over by the evening, but they didn't run regular programming, anyway.

I'm not a football fan, so I don't watch the Superbowl. My husband likes football, but he didn't care about either team, so he didn't watch.

We did watch some re-runs of "The Simpsons" that I had on my DVR, but they were not all that funny. We gave up on the one about Comic Book Guy pretty early on. I thought the one about Google Glasses was pretty cute.  My husband is much pickier than I am.

I watched Tuesday's "Justified", which FX sent me the link for, and I reviewed it on our site.

  • Monday February 4

I watched a lot of the soaps from around Christmas time, and then tonight's "Teen Wolf". I love that show! Looks like Stiles is possessed by an evil demon. I hate when that happens!

I'm also trying to catch up on NCIS and Criminal Minds.

I watched tonight's "Castle", which is always enjoyable, and "Beauty & The Beast", which is a fun adventure/romance show.

  • Tuesday February 5

Whenever I'm running transcripts on my main TV or doing something else, I'm still catching up on NCIS on Amazon Prime on another laptop. I had to delete a lot of them off my DVR before when it was filling up with soaps.

I also have DVD's from the other DVR that I'm behind on, and a few to review for March.

Right now I'm watching "Supernatural" - I always love that one.  It can be gross sometimes, though. I try not to watch if it's too squishy. :)

Someone asked me a question about Veronica Mars, so it reminded me that I really needed to update that section.   Then I realized that I didn't have links to all the other appearances pages, so I've been putting those links on all of our appearances pages. One thing always leads to something else.

Now I'm watching "Almost Human", which is a very good show. I have to be in the right mood to watch it, though. It can be fun, but it's mostly a very dark show.

  • Wednesday February 6

I watched some of the soaps today from the end of December, and I also watched "CSI" and "Law & Order: SVU". Fun meaningless shows... I'm all caught up now on NCIS, too.

I still have so many shows to catch up from on my other DVR (I put them on DVD so I can watch them here): "Criminal Minds", "Revenge", "Bones", "Revolution", plus I need to catch up on Person of Interest" and "Elementary". Too many good shows!

Our site has many pages with this script where a photo of a TV show loads on the top right, next to our logo. I spent a day or so finding new pictures for primetime shows. I hadn't done this since 2011, so I had quite a few to find. I know I'm still missing some.

  • Thursday February 7

So far today I'm just watching soaps, but I hope to get back to the primetime stuff soon.

Later I watched "Big Bang Theory", which was hilarious like it usually is. Sheldon and Amy had a great kiss!! Nice way to end the episode.  Then I watched "Two and a Half Men", which is usually pretty funny. This one got better as it went along.

It's great news that Shirley Jones will be on "General Hospital". She's always awesome. I look forward to seeing her. I'm now watching the soaps at the beginning of January. I joined the General Hospital Fan Club. It's fun to get their newsletters, and photos etc.

I don't like sports much. Sometimes it's fun to watch a game live, but I have no interest in following any teams or watching it on TV.  I really really hate the Olympics. I especially hate when they pre-empt the soaps for the Olympics. Thank goodness NBC is only pre-empting "Days of Our Lives" once. This week the other networks have a lot of re-runs, so I'm guessing it's because they don't want to put new shows on opposite the Olympics for fear of losing ratings. I know some people enjoy watching the ice-skating, but otherwise I don't really get it.

I finally watched the old Y&R re-run from 1998 that they showed on New Year's Eve. It was great to see... they all look so young there. And there were so many that are now on "The Bold & The Beautiful"! Great to see Katherine again, too. I loved seeing Cassie, and Tony. I hated when they wrote them out. I never liked Sharon and Nick together. They were so boring back then. Now they are slightly more interesting. I preferred him with Phyllis.

  • Friday February 8

I only record 3 shows on Fridays: "Bones", "Real Time with Bill Maher", and "The Neighbors". We mostly just watch the opening monologue on Real Time, and the "New Rules" segment.

  • Saturday February 9
I dreamed about NCIS! I was part of their group. Fun dream :)

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