Sunday, October 6, 2013

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #97

  • Monday September 30

I'm going to start writing in this every day so I don't forget or fall behind!

It's Monday September 29 and I'm watching "Once Upon a Time" season premiere. Always such a great show!! Love it, and it's good to have it back. I don't understand those people who thought they didn't do well last season. Silly! It's enjoyable and that's all that matters.

I'm watching it as I start gathering the weekly soap scoops for our newsletters and forums.

Now I'm watching "The Mentalist". They'd better not kill off Lisbon!  This is one of my very favorite shows. You know, it's hard to choose one favorite show any more. It used to be "Doctor Who", but then the writing changed drastically on that (for the worse), and David Tennant left.  "Dexter" has been my favorite show, but now it's gone.

I would have to say my favorites include, besides "The Mentalist", "Once Upon a Time", "Supernatural", "Person of Interest", "The Bridge", "Sherlock", "Ripper Street", "Haven", "Warehouse 13", "Falling Skies", "Perception", "Justfied", "Teen Wolf", and "Longmire". The new show "Almost Human" might join this category, and "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" does, too.

Watching "Revenge" now. Then I'm going to have to catch up on some older shows...

I forgot to mention in last week's blog that I do still watch the soaps. I'm just always behind on them. I was watching them and then in September, I fell behind again because of the new fall shows.

We watched the "South Park" season premiere. It was not funny at all, either. Not too surprising because it hasn't been very good the past few years. Frankly, I don't even know why we still watch it.

  • October 1

My DVR keeps filling up. It's so aggravating! I missed recording some of the shows last night. I hope they're On Demand.  Most of the DVR is filled with soaps that I have to watch and move to DVD for a friend.

Right now I'm catching up on episodes of "Devious Maids". I had only watched 3 episodes before I fell behind because of moving, so I waited until they re-ran all of the episodes. It's a fun soap.

I'm still watching Devious Maids, but I took a break to watch some Bold & Beautiful and run the transcripts (from the past 2 weeks). I still have so much catching up to do for the site.  Now I'm watching Days of Our Lives.

  • October 2

I watched the second episode of "Back in the Game", but it wasn't nearly as funny. I hope it gets better or else I'm going to have to stop watching it. That's the only new comedy I'm watching besides "Brooklyn Nine Nine", which is also not all that funny... I really like the actors, though. I just don't find most of today's sitcoms funny. I only like "Big Bang Theory", "Two and a Half Men", and "The Neighbors". They are consistently funny.  We have lost faith in "Family Guy", "The Simpsons" and "South Park". They have not been funny at all lately.

I deleted the episodes I had saved of "Mistresses" to make room on the DVR. I'm going to have to get the DVD or something.

I think CSI is the only show I was able to watch so far from tonight's episodes. Stupid DVR!

  • October 3

I always love "Big Bang Theory"! So great to watch tonight's, especially Wolowitz and Amy! Hysterical.  I'm so glad to have Vampire Diaries back, too. Such a fun show and always so many great shocks in each episode!!

"Two and a Half Men" is very uneven. Tonight's was just so-so.  Carl Reiner was the best part of it.

I always love "Elementary" and I'm so glad to have it back!

I'm sad to hear that "Lucky 7" was canceled already. Not surprised, though.

Gisele, who runs our daytime site, is away for a couple of days. I really rely on her so much!

Thankfully, her daughter, Shannon, is helping me out now on our Primetime Forum! Woo hoo!

  • October 4

I've just been watching mostly soaps and running transcripts to catch up for the site.

I'm almost caught up, finally on "Devious Maids"! Just 3 more episodes to watch. Love this show.

I watched "The Neighbors" - good show, although this one was not as funny as the others. I hope it stays funny!

For some reason, my DVR didn't record "Haven". Hmmm..... it's not full, so I'm not sure why.

  • October 5

Saturdays are always busy for me because I start gathering all of the press releases and info for the next week's TV schedule.

My husband is annoyed that he can't watch sports in the evenings too much here in Hawaii. The games run in the afternoon while he's at work.

I've been trying to run this past week's transcripts all weekend, so I hope I'll be caught up by Monday. I haven't really watched much TV since Thursday. I need to, though, since I'm way behind on everything.

We watched the new "South Park" but again, it wasn't all that funny. It was just slightly better than last week's episode.

I hope you all have a great week!!!