Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #75

I don't know where the time goes....things just go so quickly and get so hectic, and I forget to update my blogs! Bad girl!

Our site is still doing great. We're probably getting more celebrity interviews now than ever before. Our volunteer Laurie has been doing many, and I have done quite a few. Hers are way more impressive as she works much harder to get them.

We have most of the soap opera stuff covered but still need more writers for the daily updates. We have trouble on certain days, certain soaps. I used to write more of those myself, but I have been very lax lately about it. There is just always so much to do! We do have all the short recaps covered, at least, and of course as always our daily transcripts.

I tried to watch all of the new fiction shows from the networks this fall so I could write reviews of them all for you. Check 'em out. I think I only have one more to go...

We were able to start our new sections for CSI and Law and Order...still working on that, though, with the help of our volunteer Amanda And next is our new Grey's Anatomy section. Stay tuned, lots more to come!

As always, we put all the new stuff listed on our What's New Page to let you know what new things are going up every single day. You can also sign up for our twitter, and I try to post there regularly to let you know about new and exciting content as well.

The economy has us down but not out! Ad revenues are down but still keeping us going. I think we all have a bright future ahead on the net. Things are definitely looking up.

I have really enjoyed watching primetime this year. I love a lot of the new shows, although Glee is the only one I am making sure to watch (I watch the others only if I have time after all my other shows). The best of the new ones, I think, also include Flash Forward, The Middle, Stargate Universe, and White Collar. I also enjoyed Eastwick, Cougar Town, The Good Wife, Trauma, Vampire Diaries, and Mercy. I wish I could find time to watch them all, along with the tried and true shows I already watch.

I still enjoy Dollhouse, Castle, Fringe, Smallville, CSi, all my favorite shows. I wish Dollhouse and Fringe were doing better. Why do they pile all the best shows on Thursdays and Fridays? So stupid.

We still enjoy House, and now I got my husband watching Mad Men, and we are back to watching South Park, which is actually funny again. Dexter is still my favorite show, always love that one, and this season is no different. In fact, even better maybe with John Lithgow and the return of Keith Carradine (Well, sorta). True Blood was awesome and over too quickly. I am still watching Defying Gravity, thanks to the internet. CBS canceled it, but Canadian TV still airs it.

I just don't know how anyone, especially a scifi or fantasy fan, could not like Dollhouse, Dexter, or True Blood. Some people are just too picky. These are great shows.

My second favorite show after Dexter is Medium. That show has not lost a thing moving to CBS. If anything, it's only gotten better. I wish I could watch both shows every day. Yes, I'm that cracked.

Have a good week! Go visit our site at and don't forget to click around!