Saturday, June 14, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #127

  • June 6

I watched last week's "The 100". It was very good! I can't wait to see the second part of the finale.  My only complaint about the show is that it seems like there isn't much sex going on, which seems unrealistic with all of these very attractive young people, with no adult supervision, in life and death situations. Not to mention the very attractive adults on the Ark!
  • June 7

We went on vacation this week to San Diego. Since it's such a long flight from Honolulu, the airplane was a big one and had these screens on the back of the seats where you could watch TV shows, movies, listen to music, play games etc. I was very happy to watch the "Veronica Mars" movie. I loved that show. I need to see the movie again... wish I had time to re-watch the TV show, too.  I hope they make another movie. Nikky, one of our volunteers, tells me that there are two sequels books as well. I need to look for those.

I would have watched some TV, too, but the selection was not very good.  I did play the trivia game. It has different categories and mostly it lets you pick your own category (I think if you miss the question, it then picks a random question). I just kept picking Movies/TV and Music, so I did well. I would have done better, though, if the touch screen worked a little better.   Anyone, all airlines should have these cool screens. Not everyone has a tablet or a way to watch movies on the airplane.  I could have read on my Kindle or watched a movie or TV show on my laptop, but this was far less trouble...literally right there at the push of a button. So cool!

  • June 10
Las Vegas has many TV-themed slot machines. They have for a long while, but we haven't visited there for a few years, so they're mostly all new ones now. We saw slot machines for "The Walking Dead", "CSI", "The Twilight Zone", "Sex and the City", and "The Munsters" as well as many movies like "The Hangover", "Iron Man", "Star Wars Trilogy", "Lord of the Rings", "Superman" and "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory". Those are so much fun!

  • June 11

We stayed for a few days at my sister-in-law's place. She and her husband have done something that I think quite a few people do now- they canceled their cable.  They do watch TV, but now they just watch it on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon or the Web.  For them, it wasn't even a matter of the cost but just that they used it so rarely, they figured, why bother wasting the money? I think, though, that they're  already finding that some TV sites are not allowing you to watch their shows unless you are already a cable or satellite customer, and the sites like Hulu don't have nearly as many choices.

I usually do watch some TV while I visit at their place, but we were very busy, so I only watched some DVD's and that was it.  I do have plenty of shows waiting for me on my DVR when I get home!

  • June 12

We still didn't watch any more TV this week, although of course with my site I do talk about it plenty. Just about everyone I know agrees that "Longmire" is awesome!

I read that Billy Miller is joining "General Hospital" and may play Jason. I love seeing him, but it will be interesting to see how he does as Jason. It's a shame he doesn't have a regular primetime or movie gig because he's a fabulous actor.

Every time I travel, I take a bunch of work and other things to do, and then I'm so busy that I do very little...back to work now!

Have a great week!