Friday, July 18, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #132

I've been late running the daytime soap transcripts these past 2 weeks...busy busy! Mostly with company visiting.

Earlier this week, my visiting friend and I took a helicopter tour of Oahu (where I live). We took some other tours this week, too. They told us about many spots where they shoot "Hawaii Five-0" and where many other shows and movies from the past were filmed, such as "Lost", "Gilligan's Island", and "Jurassic Park".  When our helicopter took off, the pilot played the "Hawaii Five-0" theme! That really made me chuckle.  I really suggest that you take a helicopter tour if at all possible. Put it on your bucket list!

Catching up right now on some episodes of "General Hospital." I'm only a few weeks behind. I also have about 3 episodes of "Crossbones" to catch up on.

My DVR got quite filled up while I had visitors! I didn't watch too many programs and I'm trying to catch up now.

It's so hard to keep up nowadays with so many shows coming out year round.  What's your favorite summer show?  I always love "Longmire" and "Teen Wolf". I watched some of "The Strain" on FX but it's not my kind of show. It's too gross, like a zombie show or a gross horror show like "American Horror Story". It's very well written and acting but...too much for me.

San Diego Comic-Con is coming up soon. I wish I could go! I have a few reporters covering it for me, though, and they'll take lots of great photos. Our Comic-Con section needs a little updating. Make sure to read it because my family has a long history with it! I find it so funny that I get sent press releases and other info, and invitations to press events.

Wednesday my episode of "The Bold & Beautiful" was interrupted by a news break. I'm not sure if that's true country-wide.  On Thursday, "General Hospital" was pre-empted by news, so they're showing it tomorrow (Friday) instead. I don't know about the other episodes, but they aired here.

Are there any new shows in the Fall that you're looking forward to? Let me know!