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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #144

  • Monday 10/6

We're still looking for someone to write "The Young & The Restless" and "Bold & The Beautiful" on Thursdays and Fridays regularly... we have people filling in but they have to do them late due to other commitments. Please email me if you can help out at all!

Lots of great shows on TV this week.... I enjoyed the "Supernatural" special they had on tonight that talked about the past 9 seasons.  I also enjoyed seeing "Castle" again, and "Gotham". I really can't imagine what it could possibly be that Castle wants to forget so badly! I wonder if it's not about him, but someone else?

I can't wait for this week's debut of "The Flash". It looks really good!

  • Tuesday 10/7

TMZ is saying that actor Stephen Collins is a child molester. Gosh, I sure hope that's not true.... I always liked him. First Bill Cosby and now him. It's hard to know who to root for any more, isn't it?

I was hoping to get a chance to interview Peter Capaldi ("Dr. Who"), but they say those interviews are being pushed back now because the debut of his movie is being pushed back. I hope it works out! That would be so awesome. The movie is "INSIDE THE MIND OF LEONARDO IN 3D" It was originally going to be released this month, but now it's December. Darn!

This time of year is when they start fixating on which show(s) will be the first to get canceled. I hope it's not "Forever". I like that one. I can't imagine it will be "Gotham" because that's a great show.

So, The CW decided to limit their screeners to just a few press this year, and I didn't get their new shows. I was upset about it, especially with regard to "The Flash". Then I found a copy online. Easily. They should have trusted me instead of whomever they decided to trust instead because I never leak screeners. I wouldn't violate their trust like that. I guess they're lucky because only "The Flash" was leaked and not "Jane the Virgin", at least that I could see, but that might be due to the fact that the first one is scifi/fantasy/comics so there's more interest in it.  Anyway, "The Flash" is great, and I love it!!

I'm still half-watching "General Hospital". I have to run the transcripts every week day, anyway, for our site, and I'm fairly caught up on it, so I just watch it in the background. I have to admit, though, that it's been pretty good, for the most part. The writing has largely been a lot tighter. They always do a great job with the dialogue, and the acting is pretty good, but sometimes I hate how they write the story...when it's contrived or stupid or predictable or repetitive or obvious.  Here's a funny thing I had posted on Twitter last week: 'Watching "General Hospital" and Franco says "fiancée", but the closed-caption has it as "Beyoncé"! LOL!'  The closed-captioning is often wrong, but that one was unusually silly.

One of the things GH does is pander to the fans, especially the older fans like me. Mostly I appreciate that, but sometimes it just seems like they sit around and go, "OK, now which old actor can we bring back for a few days to shut these old biddies up?"  They dig out people you've forgotten about and then they're only on a brief time, then they're gone. Sometimes the stories are good, but often they've bad.  This recent nonsense with Peter Harrell and his son was bad. I didn't mind the characters, but it was a bit of a head-scratcher since it was so long ago, and Harrell wasn't on that long, and the new story was very convoluted. I'm glad they used Felicia a bit more, though, but I would have liked to see her used more, and in a better story.  Similarly, I enjoyed having the Cassadines back, and Robin, but it was way too short. 

  • Wednesday 10/8

I haven't been good this week about keeping up with the blogs! So busy. Sorry about that. I've mostly just been busy getting ready for Halloween, and watching lots of DVD's and other shows they want me to review on our site.  I love Halloween, how about you? They have lots of Halloween movies, but few TV shows, or at least, few perennial favorites like "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"  But I'm kind of looking forward to the new Toy Story Halloween special they're airing tomorrow night. Hope it's good!

I'm having a Halloween party, so I'm already planning what media to use for the party. I recorded a bunch of spooky sounds and songs to play, but I have many TV's in our house, so I'm planning to play different movies and shows on those. They'll just in each room for the fun of it, as background. This is going to probably be all adults, but it's possible one couple will bring their kids, so we'll have something on for them, just in case. I haven't quite decided yet, but I think I'll record a bunch of the Harry Potter movies onto VHS and then play that on one TV (VHS is better because it can then run for up to 8 hours - not that our party will last that long!), and then I was hoping to have the Charlie Brown special and "Night of the Living Dead", and possibly some other older shows on one TV (but without commercials - don't want those playing!)  and then I have two TV's in the living room, so I was going to playa DVD of Rocky and its sequel on one (I think that's probably about 4 hours, not sure), and then on the other TV either play Halloween music or play a bunch of scary movies. It all depends on whether the kids will be there or not - don't want to play R rated movies if they're there. Or I might play an American Horror Story DVD or Penny Dreadful. We'll see! :) Fun! I love Halloween. So excited, like a kid!

  • Thursday 10/9

There's this one publicity company that often sends me invitations to interview their people when they have something to promote. A lot of times they're very minor actors I never heard of, or worse, reality show stars, but sometimes I get someone really good. I've been emailing back and forth for months with them about interviewing Sebastian Roché. I was hoping to interview him today, but due to my weird hours and time zone, it didn't work out. Hopefully we can reschedule it soon! I would love to speak with him. He's one of my favorites. He's been on so many shows I watch and love, like "Fringe", "NCIS", "Supernatural", "Vampire Diaries", "The Originals", etc. as well as, obviously, General Hospital.  He's awesome!

I did get to speak with Eva Longoria this morning about the ALMA awards that are airing tomorrow, so that was pretty cool. She and some other people were in a conference call interview with me and other journalists. It was exciting to speak with her!

I asked Jessica Collins (Y&R's Avery) a question in Soap Opera Digest. You can see it in the 9/29 issue or here on our site.

FX sent me the first two episodes of "American Horror Story: Freak Show" and wow, it was creepy, gross-- all those things you expect from that show. They do a great job with the writing and acting. Despite the fact that I don't like the show because it's just not my kind of show (not upbeat enough and too gross and lurid a lot of times), they do tug at your emotions and make you care about the characters. I know it seems silly that someone who loves Halloween so much would not like that type of show, but what can I say... I like the fun of Halloween, and I don't get scared easily, but I don't like watching gross stuff in movies or TV, like torture, or bodily fluids. I don't mind SOME shows that are a bit depressing, like The Killing, but if it's too sad or dismal, I don't like it. I prefer happy endings, not shows where everyone dies at the end (which is what happened in the first season of AHS). I would probably watch it if there was nothing else to watch, because it is so good... Oh, and don't even get me started on the creepy killer clown! That would definitely give me nightmares.

It was very sad to learn today that Jan Hooks passed away (I guess from cancer). Wow. She was so young! Only 5 years older than me. You just never know. She's the 3rd person to die from that "class" of SNL after Phil Hartman (who was murdered) and Chris Farley (drug overdose).

  • Friday 10/10

I had complained last week about "Forever" but this week's episode was fantastic! It had a great mystery and was also very romantic. I sure enjoy that show.

I got to watch 2 horror movies this week that they sent me. One was "Animal" on Chiller this week, which was pretty terrible (standard young people in the woods movie) and the other one was "Finders Keepers" on Syfy next week, which is not bad.  One of my favorite actors, especially on soaps, Thorsten Kaye, was in "Animal" and he was the only thing good in it. Unfortunately, they do kill him off in the movie. It's already aired, so I can give spoilers.  Everyone dies except for one girl at the end.  The other movie also starred a former soap star, Patrick Muldoon, as well as Jaime Pressly.  Their little girl finds a creepy doll. They did a fine job with the film and there are only a few stupid parts in it (for a Syfy movie, that's a big bonus).  It's very creepy and a bit scary. I hate that doll, yuk. Muldoon was on "Days of Our Lives" back in the mid-90's as Austin, and wow, he was so gorgeous back then and did a fabulous job as Austin. He went back a few years ago, but the writing was not nearly as good. They made Austin into a wimp.  Honestly, one of the flaws of this movie is that Pressley's character seems to be kind of a bitch (she has very little warmth or likability in the movie, even though she's supposed to be the heroine). You wonder why she's divorcing Muldoon's character, who's so nice. There are hints that he cheated on her, but they never really say. Former "Star Trek: The Next Generation" star Marina Sirtis plays the crazy cat lady next door. You should watch it - I enjoyed it. I didn't think I would, but I did. I get to interview Muldoon and Sirtis on Tuesday!  The little girl in this movie is really good, too!!

Congratulations to Anthony Cucina and Arthur Willey Jr., our September Giveaway Winners! Woo hoo! Enter every month at  Please do enter - we need more people to enter!! I give away two prizes every week (usually DVD's).  The October drawing is over 10/25 so hurry and enter!

This week's Primetime News and Schedule is at  Next week's is at  I usually put all of the show info on the page on Saturday or Sunday so please check back!

  • Saturday 10/11

Do you watch TV on the weekend? I know lots of people watch football or other sports... my husband is into it so he's usually watching football or baseball, sometimes basketball. We usually go out on Saturdays to watch the Bama games since we used to live in Tuscaloosa. Well, he watches the game. I eat and drink, play on my phone! :)

There isn't too much new TV on Saturdays anymore. I just have "Doctor Who" and "Intruders" on my DVR, but they're almost over now. This week's "Doctor Who" was really good for a change. I don't mind the new doctor, but the stories this season have been pretty terrible. Not that it matters that there's nothing new to watch on Saturdays...I always have way too much to watch, anyway! But it's sad when you think about that used to be such a great night to watch TV.

I enjoyed the season finale of "Intruders". It's always good, although sometimes I don't know what's going on. Fabulous acting and story that just races along. Speaking of little girls, the one in this show was wonderful, too!! You really believed that she was two different people. I hope it gets renewed for a second season.

This weekend I was watching the Perry Mason movies from the late 80's. Those are so fun. I like seeing all the actors. These are volumes 4-6 and included some great guest stars like Robert Guillaume, Patty Duke, Brian Keith, Pernell Roberts, Deidre Hall, and very young Bruce Greenwood and David Hasselhoff! Not to mention a young Jim Beaver (Bobby on "Supernatural"!)  I loved seeing William Katt in the earlier ones playing Paul Drake, Jr. (he was Barbara Hale's son in real life - Della Street), and then later William R. Moses from "Falcon Crest" replaced him as a young lawyer that helped Perry.  I read that Robert Downey, Jr. is making a Perry Mason movie. Hmm, interesting.  I hope he does it respectfully and it's not like the Sherlock Holmes movies (I love those but...I would not like them to be the ONLY representation of Sherlock Holmes in the world because they're not very authentic).

  • Sunday 10/12

I searched for articles about William Katt. My, he's gotten old...but anyway, one of them mentioned that he'd auditioned for Luke Skywalker in Star Wars! I found this interesting video that shows his audition. Not only that, but he's with Kurt Russell, who's also auditioning. They sure had a very different take on the characters. What's also interesting is that they then switch and Katt plays Han and Russell plays Luke. It just goes to show you that they really didn't know yet what they wanted to do with the characters. There were a lot of changes in the names and other dialogue as well. It's very obvious, though, that Katt became a much better actor after that, by the time he did "The Greatest American Hero".

Please sign this petition to help save Dallas!

There were some re-runs this weekend, which surprised me. Maybe because of Columbus Day? I have no idea.  "Real Time with Bill Maher" and "Family Guy" were both re-runs. Strange!

  • Monday 10/13

Today's episode of "General Hospital" was fantastic! The best one in a long time. The dialogue was sparkling with wit. Sebastian Roché showed up again to play Jerry, as a sort of surprise guest (there had been rumors he would appear). Silas finally finding out about Nina's lies was a great payoff. Liesl and Madeline confronting each other was really good. Jason taking off his bandages was great. Wow! I wish they had more episodes like this. I hope they continue to improve. I might have to start paying attention again! LOL!  Talk about bad timing that I didn't get to interview Sebastian last week... I was going to ask about the rumors. Oh, well!

I've been rushing to finish reviewing the DVD's they've sent me lately. I still have a small pile of about 4 to watch and review as well as a few others to write up reviews for. It sure keeps me busy! I have a few more to put up from Sundi and Eva, too. I'll do that tonight. Hopefully, once I get caught up on the DVD's, I can then get caught up on some of last season's shows, so I can watch this season's episodes! Like "Vampire Diaries", "The Originals", "Person of Interest", "Sleepy Hollow", "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", and "Reign".  Well, I can try to catch up, right? LOL!

"Castle" is always great to see and I enjoyed all of the invisibility stuff this week!  I'm still really enjoying "The Good Wife", too. It's always outstanding. All shows should be as good as that one.

Have a great week!

Monday, October 6, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #143

  • Sunday 9/28

Which of the new shows do you like so far? Let us know!

I'm looking forward to the return this week of "Castle", "CSI", "Reign" and "Vampire Diaries!"

I liked last week's "Scorpion"... a whole nerd show, yay! I'll be checking out "Manhattan Love Story" and "Stalker" this week. We review all of the new shows on our site...

Weekends are the busiest time for me because starting on Friday, I gather all of the week's press releases and put them on our news page, and then I go through and find any appearances I notice, and then Gisele and I put those up on our site, and I also post spoilers to some pages, and I move last week's news to another page....and that all takes a few days. Also, when I have time, I also post to our daytime soap newsletters.

  • Monday 9/29

This morning I was on a conference call with Ben Browder to chat about his Syfy horror movie "Dead Still". The executive producer, and the writer/director were also on there. Unfortunately, I think there were some technical difficulties because the call was only 13 minutes long, and they said there were no more callers. I had queued up for a second question, and I know that at least one other press person did the same. That's a shame. Also, Ray Wise was supposed to be on the call, but he wasn't. I really would have liked to have asked more questions!  I love Ben Browder from his tome on "Farscape". He was also very good on "Stargate: SG1", and he did an amazing guest-starring role on "Doctor Who" as well. I was very surprised to learn that he's only a year younger than me! So he's 51. He sure doesn't look it.  These interviews will be posted on our Primetime Articles Page.

I haven't watched too much TV other than "General Hospital" and "Bold & The Beautiful". I did watch "The Intruders", which is good but still confuses me a little!

I might get to interview the current Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, next week, so that would be awesome!

I really enjoyed "Castle". They did a good job with picking up from the cliff-hanger and then turning into an interesting long-term story. So few shows do that.

  • Tuesday 9/30

I had an interview around 7 am with Stephen Nathan, executive producer of "Bones". That was very interesting in light of Sweets' death. I had some pretty good questions for him.  Then later, around 11, I had a call with DJ Qualls, who now stars in "Z Nation" on Syfy. He is very funny!  I was very tired for both conference calls but managed to just barely stay awake.

My husband is a huge baseball fan, so he was watching the playoffs game today... I don't really care that much about sports, though...

I watched last night's "Gotham", which was great. I wish they hadn't canceled "Almost Human", though. It would have been nice to see both shows on at the same time. They have a lot of similarities.

I also watched the new MTV show "Happyland". It was pretty good...reminded me more of something that would play on the ABC Family channel.

I enjoy the new show "Forever", but this week's show was week.  Abe running into the woman in the subway was too pat,  and the guy dying of TB looked way too healthy! The part at the end with the skate park was dumb. The other episodes have been good, so hopefully next week, it'll be back to being good.

  • Wednesday 10/1

I really didn't watch too much television today because we were busy....

  • Thursday 10/2

We watched "South Park", which was pretty funny, especially to me. It was all about eating gluten free. I'm very allergic to foods with gluten, so it was particularly hilarious to me. They also had a kid with diabetes, so that made me laugh all the more, since I'm also diabetic. In fact, a lot of the foods that have gluten are also ones that diabetics can't eat. I thought it was hilarious that they were planning to have a party in this kid's honor, serving pizza and cake! LOL!

I enjoyed watching the new romantic comedy "Manhattan Love Story". I thought it was pretty funny, for the most part.

  • Friday 10/3

Although I've stopped following the soaps religiously, I still sometimes watch GH. I'm anxious to see how Billy Miller fares as Jason. However, the episodes this week were truly stupid and worse, heavy-handed. There's just no subtlety at all in the stories.  The part where Jason's son, Danny, and then Sam, go into his room and hold his hand, were really contrived. Maybe if Sam had ever before shown any interest in helping other hospital patients, it would have worked, but otherwise it's just plain stupid.

I was really upset to learn that TNT canceled "Dallas". It was such a good show. I'm a bit behind watching last season, but I hear that it ended on a cliff-hanger. They should at least make a movie to tie up the loose ends! You can  tweet them or go to their Facebook page or email the PR person   Be polite!

We always watch "The Daily Show" and "Colbert Report" on Comedy Central because they're funny.  Jamie Oliver was on the latter, and I had to check out his cookbook's website. Looks good!

  • Saturday 10/4

Wow, can't believe that former "Saturday Night Live" comedians Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon are doing Hans and Frans again on a State Farm ad! 80's flashback time....

This week's Primetime News and schedule page is at  Next week's will be at

We always enjoy "Real Time with Bill Maher" on Fridays. It's funny as well as thought-provoking. This past week's! Wow!!

I enjoyed this week's "Doctor Who", although I thought Clara really over-reacted at The Doctor. I guess they have to lay the groundwork to her leaving the show...

I still watch "Intruders" but it's very dark and I don't always know what the heck is going on!

  • Sunday 10/5

Uh-oh, my DVR didn't record "The Good Wife" this week... I guess I better watch it On Demand!  Must be due to the football coming on beforehand.

Someone was asking me what shows I'm watching and enjoying now. You can read it here!

Earlier this week, I recorded Miss Marple "Endless Night". It was good, but the ending was disappointing and just a little too obvious. That guy that played Mike is so cute and what a good actor!

Hope you have a good week and enjoy all of the new shows!

Monday, September 29, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #142

 I love the Fall! So many great new shows returning. It's a lot of work for our site, but fun!  If you're a football fan, there's a lot of great football, too. Not to mention the baseball playoffs!

You'll find information about all of this week's shows at  Next week's shows will be at  I usually put these pages together on the weekend...

This week's episode of "Doctor Who" entitled "The Caretaker" was very good - much better than the previous episodes. Maybe that's a good sign! I didn't expect it to be that good.

Tonight's "Simpsons" and "Family Guy" premieres were pretty boring. I was very disappointed.

I started watching "The Good Wife" after watching last season's DVD. It's such a great show!

Last week I got to interview Andre Braugher. This week I get to interview Ray Wise and Ben Browder, "Bones" executive producer Stephen Nathan, and D.J. Qualls! Woo hoo!
Check them all out each week!

I'm still enjoying "Forever". It reminds me a lot of Sherlock Holmes, and it has some fantastic actors.

I was so glad to see "Big Bang Theory" back! I always love that show.  "Castle" returns this week. Can't wait!

This week we had a lot of new shows come out, and we all continue to review them for you...

We really need a new volunteer to write some soap opera updates (detailed summaries) for "Bold & Beautiful" and "Young & The Restless" on Thursdays and Fridays!  Please email me if you can help out.

The new show "Gracepoint" starts this week on FOX. Make sure you watch it! It's a really good whodunnit.

I recorded the PBS "Live from Lincoln Center" broadcast this past week of "Sweeney Todd". I love this musical! I haven't watched it yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great week!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #141

This week is the start of the new Fall season, for the most part... lots of new shows.   Don't forget to check out our What's New Page to see all of the great new stuff we put up, and our Site Map for all of the pages we have. We have thousands! The Site Map just lists the major pages.

Next Monday I've been invited to a conference call (telephone interview) with David Tennant (formerly of "Doctor Who"--my favorite doctor!). I sure hope I get to speak with him! Sometimes when it's someone really big, I don't get a chance, so we'll see. Now I just have to come up with something interesting to ask him and hope I'm not tongue-tied! LOL!! I can't say "I love you!" because he'll be creeped out and then FOX won't invite me back for any more interviews...  He's promoting his new FOX mini-series, "Gracepoint". It's funny because he did "Broadchurch", the UK version, and now he's starring in this US version, which is very similar, but with an American accent.  I put all of these interviews up on our Articles Page. We have lots of new ones all of the time!

I gave up the soaps, for the most part, and I'm not missing them. I still have to run the transcripts for the site, so they'll be on in front of me, but I won't be paying that close attention or worrying about catching up or things like that. Having said that, most of this week's "General Hospital" was pretty good. They do action and adventure well. It was great to see the Cassadines back, especially Helena. I can't imagine who Nathan's dad could be...who's worse than Victor Cassadine? The mind boggles. Maybe it's Fluke. Then the show went back to being boring, although Friday's was okay, especially at the end.

Our site has a monthly giveaway of DVD's and other TV-related stuff. Make sure to enter every month before the 25th. This Thursday is the last day to enter for the September drawing!

My DVR has been dying, so my wonderful cable company (Oceanic Time Warner Cable) sent me a new one. So over the weekend, I had to delete or watch or record to DVD the shows left on my DVR. I watched some episodes of "Bold & the Beautiful" because I was recording them for someone, anyway. I thought the scenes with Bob Barker were both very silly and stupid, but also funny and entertaining. Watching him literally kick Wyatt's ass was a hoot!! And not unintentionally funny, like when Ridge fell out of the helicopter.  Carole has been helping us out with writing the B&B updates on Thursdays and Fridays when she can. Anthony writes Mondays through Wednesdays on time every day. We used to have another writer, but she left, so Carole has been great to help out filling in! And Wanda, of course, does a great job with the short recaps.  We have so many fabulous volunteers....we are truly blessed.

I had a lot of episodes of "Tyrant" and "The Bridge" on the DVR as well, but FX sent me many of those, anyway, and I got the rest of On Demand. How did we ever watch TV without things like On Demand? It's so cool.

Today I hooked up the new box, and I'll be sending the old box back.  I had to set up my timers, or at least the ones for the next week that they'll allow. I set it up for the soaps, "Intruders", "Doctor Who", "Haven", "The Colbert Report", "The Daily Show", "Masterpiece Mystery", "Real Time with Bill Maher", "Hot in Cleveland", "Madame Secretary" (just the first ep) and my new fave "The Good Wife". It wouldn't let me set up any timers past next Sunday at first.  Later, I was able to add more shows, like "Forever", "Scorpion" (one time only to see what it's like), "Bones", "Black-ish" (one time only) and "How to Get Away with Murder" (one time only). I also got this brilliant idea - set up the timers for shows that are in re-runs, like "The Big Bang Theory" and "Supernatural", and just put it for new episodes, and that way when the new episodes air, the timer is already set up. I also set up the timers on my bedroom DVR, which is where I record some other shows, such as "Sleepy Hollow", "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and many others.

Some of us with TV sites are pals on Twitter and Facebook. I chat frequently with Lisa and Jamie Steinberg of Starry Constellation Magazine and with Jamie Ruby of SciFi Vision, among others! We trade info all the time and it's fun!

Last Monday I was on a call with "Gotham" creator Bruno Heller. It was a great call, but I didn't get to actually speak to him, unfortunately. The show is great, though, so make sure you tune in! He was also the creator of "The Mentalist" so it makes sense that this new show is great, too. Friday, I got to speak with the star of the show, Ben McKenzie. He's always very nice in interviews. I spoke with him before when he was on "Southland" on TNT, too.

I definitely want to build new sections on our site for "Gotham" and "The Flash", and I still have to build sections for "Sleepy Hollow", "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Teen Wolf" and "White Collar". I'm going to wait to see if "Royal Pains" is renewed before I decide on that one. I had wanted to build sections for "Revolution", "Warehouse 13" and "Wilfred", but they were all canceled before I had the chance. Eventually, maybe I will, anyway, but for right now, I have to give priority to current shows. I have a lot of new sections already that I need to finish building up, at least to a certain extent!

A few years back, there was a Summer show I loved called "Saving Hope" starring Smallville's Erica Durance and Michael Shanks, and Vampire Diaries/Originals' Daniel Gillies. It's essentially a hospital soap, but there are some supernatural elements. Anyway, NBC only showed it for one year and then canceled it, but it's a Canadian show, so they still show it up there. The good news is that Ion Television is going to be show the rest of the episodes! That is so great. Also, season 2 is coming out on DVD finally.

Speaking of "Doctor Who", this week's show was too confusing for me ("Listen"). I felt that they were trying to be deliberately confusing and pretentious, and it was too talky.

I enjoyed the "Hot in Cleveland" season finale. I hope Joy gets one of those guys next season!

I'm still watching "Intruders" on BBC America because it's compelling. Sometimes I don't really know what's going on, but they keep me interested.

I finally got around to watching John Oliver's show "This Week" on HBO. Not bad! I will have to watch some more...

We did watch Bill Maher's return on "Real Time" and his HBO special. His HBO special was hilarious!! Had me in tears.

I watched "Mysteries of Laura" on the NBC Press Site, and "A to Z" on, and last night I finally finished watching "The Good Wife" on DVD. Now I have to write reviews of both!  I spent most of the weekend finishing watching the DVD for "NCIS: LA season 5" and then the weekend watching the first 7 episodes of FOX's upcoming miniseries "Gracepoint", which I also enjoyed. I can never get enough of David Tennant!  I started looking for some fun stuff with him on YouTube for a while, too. I had totally forgotten that he was in one of the Harry Potter movies, too!

Thursdays I'm back to watching "Haven", which I always love. I don't like Mara. Poor Nathan! The episode this week was great. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I'm very mad at myself because I missed the opportunity to interview Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz of "Bones!" I've spoken with them before, but still, I'm pissed. The ironic thing is, I spent three days updating our "Bones" section, adding lots of new content, and that was why I didn't read my email as carefully as I should have, and I missed the interview offer. Crazy!

I've been reading this week's "Entertainment Weekly". They talk about the new shows a lot. I hope that "How to Get Away with Murder" is good.  "The Flash" sounds great. I'm always a sucker for any superhero show.

All 4 seasons of the soap "Venice the Series" now airing on YouTube Don't Miss It!

This week's Primetime News and Schedule Page is at  Check it out!

Have a great week....

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #140

This week I've made a momentous decision! I'm going to cut down a lot on my TV watching. I'm going to stop watching a lot of shows I normally watch just out of habit. They're either kind of boring or just not very good. I watch a lot of crap just because I like the actors, and I don't want to do that any more. So I'm cutting out CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, The Simpsons, and all of the daytime soaps. (Don't worry, we'll still be covering them all on our site) There are some new shows I may or may not watch, but only if they're very good.  There's only a few non-scifi shows I plan to keep watching, like Bones and Castle.

Here's the list (the dates are premiere dates):

The ones with question mark I haven't seen yet, so we'll see if I like them enough to keep watching.

Saturdays Doctor Who and Intruders
Thursdays Syfy Haven
9/22 CBS Big Bang Theory
9/22 FOX Sleepy Hollow*
9/23 ABC Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.*
9/23 CBS Person of Interest*
9/24 ABC Black-ish (?)
9/25 FOX Bones
9/25 ABC How to Get Away with Murder (?)
9/28 ABC Once Upon a Time
9/28 FOX Family Guy
9/28 ABC Revenge*
9/29 FOX Gotham (2nd episode because I've already seen the 1st)
9/29 ABC Castle
9/30 ABC Forever (2nd episode because I've already seen the 1st)
10/2 CW Vampire Diaries*
10/2 CW Reign*
10/6 CW The Originals*
10/7 ABC Selfie (2nd episode because I've already seen the 1st)
10/7 CW The Flash
10/7 CW Supernatural
10/8 CW Arrow*
10/22 CW The 100
10/24 NBC Constantine
10/30 CBS Elementary
11/17 NBC State of Affairs- (?)

airing later: Justified, Mad Men, Beauty & The Beast, The Americans, Perception, Heroes Reborn, The Mentalist, Real Time with Bill Maher, Royal Pains, Sherlock, Teen Wolf, White Collar
Suits*, Rizzoli & Isles*, Franklin & Bash*, Falling Skies*, Dallas* and Hot in Cleveland

*These are shows that I'm already very behind on, so who knows if/when I'll catch up

Of course I'll still have plenty of shows and DVD's to watch that the networks send me to review for our site (or that I review just because they're new). 

What new shows are you watching this Fall? Which of your favorites are you looking forward to returning? Don't forget to see our Primetime TV Schedule - it has tons of info about the shows and when they premiere.

This week's news is here  and here's next week's.  See the returning shows trickling in and the debut of Red Band Society and Mysteries of Laura!

What's most difficult for me is giving up the soaps.... not because I enjoy them so much, but because they've been a habit I've had since 1984! I may occasionally tune in. I want to see Billy Miller as Jason on GH, and Shemar Moore's return on Y&R.  But otherwise, the shows are just too boring, repetitive and filled with clichés. They're always at least 20 years behind the times. They don't have enough people that are not lily-white or really boring. I love the actors, but I just can't take the bad writing any more.  If you're not enjoying a show, you shouldn't watch it. Life is too short to watch bad TV. Until the TV networks decide to put some real money into the soaps and get fabulous writers, they're going to be bad and continue to underestimate the viewers. They think we're all stupid and that we'll watch any crap, no matter how unrealistic it is. Well, here's one less stupid viewer of soaps. I just can't take it any more! Maybe if they had more romance, I would keep watching, but they don't. It's all filled with "action" or violence and not enough real romance. They rush the stories (especially with people continually bed-hopping) or drag them out far too long. GH is very good at pandering to fans except in the one way that matters - improving or updating stories. Having gay characters is a good start, but they write them badly and completely unrealistically. Like all of the other characters. Enough is enough. I just don't care enough about any of them to keep watching. They've made all of them into empty, boring shells of their former selves, even Anna. 

Bold & Beautiful is ludicrous. That show will never be good as long as they keep letting the one person in charge write it. He ran out of ideas years ago and keeps just recycling the same stories, punctuated by laughable things like when Ridge fell out of the helicopter.  I lost track of Days and Y&R a long while ago, but I don't miss them because they're just boring. The soaps like to blame the internet or other things on why viewership is declining, but the blame lies solely on the networks and the writing.  You can't expect new people to tune in when you can't even keep your tried-and-true viewers like me. They need to update the writing to the 21st century, and not just in superficial ways. They need to make the shows gripping, compelling, unpredictable, and ground-breaking, like any good drama. Simply put, they have stagnated. Cancellation is not the answer. A complete overhaul is needed. The soap "genre" is not dead, but they're not doing it any favors by writing such dreck.  I'm not saying they have to be as good as primetime TV. I'm saying they have to be the daytime equivalent. They have to write 5 shows a week. Fine, then be at least 1/5 as good as "Elementary" or "Once Upon a Time" or "Sleepy Hollow" or even "Law & Order: SVU", and then I'll watch again.

Why don't you get good primetime writers (especially young ones), tell them not to use any soap clichés, make sure they know who all of the characters and their history are, have them write ONE good episode per week, and then stretch it out to 5 episodes per week, adding in more romance and other character development?  Then let them do anything they want as long as it's within the confines of the characters and their history, and as long as it's realitistic and not laughable, and not too violent.  How hard is that? Oh, yeah, and don't hire any actors just because they're pretty. Hire people who can act. There are lots of people out there who can't get an acting job even though they're very talented. Draw from your pool not only of soap actors but the primetime ones who are out of work. Especially people of color.  Pay them whatever is needed (and the writers, too). And then publicize the heck out of the shows. Encourage the writers to take chances and don't worry about pissing off viewers. If the shows are good, people will watch it. It's that simple. If you do all that, and the ratings don't go up, then cancel the shows. At least then, you can say you tried. These low-budget half-measures are not working.

Sure, the soaps have improved some, especially GH in the past few years. It's just not enough. It's too cosmetic and not substantial enough. It's great that they pander to fans by bringing back our favorite stars from the past and hiring great actors like Michelle Stafford from other shows, but the writing doesn't support the rest. It has to be good enough to make me want to keep tuning in, and it's not. You can tell it's not enough for most people because most of us are always falling behind on watching. If the shows were that good, we would make sure to tune in every single day, no matter how busy we are (like we did back in college).

I was about to give up on GH this week, but then they brought back Robert Kelker Kelly, one of my favorite actors, as Stavros. Unfortunately, they always have him play just a one-dimensional crazy evil guy. It would have been so much better to have him have some humanity. Looks like they're doing the same thing with the return of Peter Harrell. I enjoyed seeing Judson Scott his week, but I doubt he'll be on long. Such a waste of great actors (even if RKK is chewing the scenery a bit - I'm sure they're telling him to do that). You can tell RKK is having fun, at least. It's hard not to smile when he's on screen.

I've been watching season 5 DVD of "The Good Wife" last night and it's RIVETING!! This is fantastic soap opera. I knew it was a good show, but wow! I'm going to have to go back and watch the first 4 seasons, too. It's that good.

I thought my DVR problems were fixed, but it's still been messing up, so I had to phone Oceanic Time Warner Cable to get a new box. I just need to record some more of the shows off my old DVR and then I can install the new one. I finally did get around to watching the Tonys and the Emmys! I always love the Tonys. It's like having a little piece of Broadway on my TV. Hugh Jackman is awesome. I thought the Emmys were pretty good, too, funny...much funnier than I expected!

On Thursday I was shocked and annoyed to find that our local CBS station showed Thursday night football instead of The Young & The Restless! How dare they... I keep emailing, phoning and tweeting them, but so far I've gotten no reply. Looks like they're doing the same thing next week, too. Grrr!  Here in Hawaii, we're 3 hours before California and 6 hours before New York. Y&R usually airs around 1pm.

Last week's "Doctor Who" (the Robin Hood one) was just awful. The worst I've ever seen. I hope they get better because that was embarrassingly bad.

We have a lot of new Interviews and Reviews so check them out!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 5, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #139

  • 8/29/14

I'm slowly catching up on "Bold & The Beautiful" clear off my DVR. I'm finally in July! LOL!

We watched two episodes of this weeks' Colbert Report and the Daily Show. So funny! Especially Thursday's Colbert Report. It was hilarious. I had tears flowing down my face.

I'm been trying to catch up on all my emails (most of them are work-related; press releases, videos and other stuff the PR people send me about the shows. There's just too much!)  Every day I get a few hundred. It's hard to keep up. I had a few thousand to go through, but now I'm down to 800+ and most of those are probably past-due so I'll just be archiving or deleting them because it's too late.  Then all of a sudden Gmail just stopped working. I have to reboot...

I worked hard until around midnight and then got up around 4:30 am and worked more! Getting a lot done.

Please check out this week's Primetime News and Schedule page and Next Week's Primetime News and Schedule Page. Check that second one on Saturday or Sunday; it will be updated.
  • 8/30/14

I hate when the TV writers are lazy and write stupid or contrived plots. Cases in point.... Now, the episodes July 4-7 on "Bold & Beautiful" were fantastic in many ways. It was great to see Quinn go all cray-cray and threaten Liam's life. Very dramatic. However, since she had already broken into his house and threatened him twice, and he was taking that threat seriously, and he was on crutches and all alone at a beach house...why would he give her a third chance? He has a lot of money. He could have gone to a hotel or hired a bodyguard.  It was just too stupid that she got in that third time. Also, once Wyatt saved him and he yelled at his mom, there was suddenly all of this venting about his childhood and how he had to put up with a crazy mom. Well, that really came out of nowhere because there was none of that before now (or at least, fairly recently). When Quinn first came on the show, she wasn't crazy, and he didn't treat her like she was. So this is very contrived and coming out of nothing.

On "General Hospital"-- on Friday's show, after figuring out where Levi was holding Maxie and Georgie hostage, Dante and the other cops rush to their rescue. What do they do? They surround the place and get on the blowhorn and yell, "You're surrounded, come out with your hands up". Well, that doesn't happen in real life. That would be really stupid. First of all, Levi kidnapped the girls at least a few days ago, so they had no reason to think the girls were in immediate danger (especially since they just talked to them on the phone). Why make it a risky hostage situation by doing this crap with the megaphone? They should have just waited for Levi to come out and then nabbed him.  That was just stupid, contrived TV nonsense.  Not to mention, they have his cell phone number (from when the girls called using it), so at the very least, they could just phoned him instead of using the megaphone.

I have a lot of great dreams about TV, but one I had last night was so detailed, and it really should be turned into a TV show or movie. You have my permission, take it and make money! It was sort of a cross between Cedar Cove or The Killing, and Extant.  There was this sleepy, foggy small town, and some strange aliens (?) had come to town, or perhaps they were suspected of being there (there were signs) and maybe some terrible things had happened. A woman sheriff, who was raising her young daughter, was looking into whether the aliens were real or not. She had doubts. It was a very creepy dream. I wish I could give you more details, but it was like I only got to see the first couple of episodes.  She was communicating with the aliens in one part of the dream (but still doubtful about whether they were real).

  • 8/31/14

I'm watching the second "Doctor Who" episode of this season.... it's always enjoyable, but the best writing is behind them, when Russell T. Davies was in charge. Peter Capaldi is a fine Doctor, though.

Now I'm watching "Unforgettable". I enjoy it and hope it comes back for another season. It's a nice Summer show.

I guess watching TV influenced my dreams again because I had a long "Doctor Who" dream! It was odd. There was a woman he was supposed to meet, played by Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher on "Star Trek: The Next Generation"). For some reason, the Doctor, who seemed like he was in a trance, took a gun and shot her. I was sometimes in the dream as his companion, and sometimes watching as myself. I helped him put her on a cart and we tried to get her some help. He still wasn't himself. He had been teaching at a university, for some reason, too, and one of his students that tried to stop him and talk to him said that his parents had also been his student and were thrilled to have worked as his dog-walkers. In an elevator, the Doctor regenerated, several times, and it was amusing to see his different selves. I think he was a woman at the end. It was a very odd dream.

  • 9/1/14

I didn't watch too much TV the past few days. I've been sick and sleeping a lot. I did watch the other episode of "Unforgettable". I don't know why they aired two this week, but I'm glad!

I'm still so bummed out that they canceled "Longmire"... this was their highest-rated drama and their second-highest rated show of all time. Apparently it didn't get good demographics - meaning not enough younger people watched it. Why would anyone think that young people would watch a slow-moving western? Duh.  They're too impatient to enjoy such a good show.

For some reason, my living room DVR didn't record either GH or Y&R. So strange! My bedroom DVR did record Y&R, and thankfully I can get GH On Demand in a day or two...
  • 9/2/14

I'm back to catching up on "Bold & Beautiful"... I enjoy the show, for the most part, but it's hard to keep pulling for it when the stuff they do makes no sense. I mean, in June, Hope broke up with Wyatt and chose Liam. In July, his mother went crazy and tried to kill Liam, and Wyatt saved him, so Liam and Wyatt mended fences. Hope hired Wyatt back to Forrester, and Liam asked Wyatt to be his best man. In August, Wyatt marries Hope. What??? No one acts like that. It's completely unbelievable.  They would have all dumped each other by now (as fast as Carter dumped Maya!).

I do always love Charlie and Pam, and all the stuff with the jousting was great. More of that!! I never got to Medieval Times when I lived in SoCal but always wanted to.

Another stupid thing that happened. Now, Wyatt had to know a little bit about Deacon's criminal past.  So why is it that when he has his super-expensive diamond, and Deacon shows up, does he say, "Look at my diamond!"??? Serves him right if Deacon steals it.  And how does Wyatt even afford the security on that thing?  Ridiculous. I'm only a month behind now! Woo hoo!

Danielle and I have been hard at work, posting lots of news, info and spoilers on our Primetime TV Forum, so check it out!  That's primarily what I've been doing this week. I still have a few CW shows to post and then I'm done. Yay!

If you watch B&B or Y&R, we could use your help! We need someone write updates (detailed recaps) for Thursdays and Fridays on each of those shows. Please email me if you can volunteer to do even one day per week of either.
  • 9/4/14
I enjoyed "Hot in Cleveland" as's a silly show but always fun.

I finally finished watching "Criminal Minds" season 9 DVD today. It was good as always. I have to write up the review. I was surprised that the last episode wasn't more of a cliff-hanger.

This morning I had an interview with Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, who's starring in the new series "Red Band Society" on FOX (I also watched that show's pilot).  It was a real treat to speak with her, and she was very nice and funny. I have to write my review of that one, too.

  • 9/5/14

Last night I watched Monday's "Teen Wolf". I always love that show. Sometimes I find it confusing, with so many characters and the intricate mythology, but it's still fun, always. Although it is a really cool show with exciting action sequences, my favorite parts are the non-action moments where they have character development. Such as Scott with his girlfriend, or with his mom, or Stiles with his dad -- things like that.  These writers do such an amazing job. I don't know how they keep coming up with these new stories and make it all so fresh and exciting every week.  And then every week's episode ends with something shocking!

I had noticed that Shawn on GH used the phrase "Me and my boys" at the beginning of a sentence, which made me cringe because that's very bad grammar and he used to be a teacher. This has happened a lot on TV; especially the soaps. Characters who are supposed to be educated (it's particularly bad if it's a doctor or lawyer IMHO) speaking like they never went to college. I'm not saying going to college makes you perfect, but in speaking, most educated people don't say things like that because it would be embarrassing.  It's fine if Sonny or Carly speak like that because neither one is educated.  So I complained to GH headwriter Ron Carlivati on Twitter. He actually replied! I was so shocked. He said that it wasn't written that way (so apparently the actors change his lines, which is not a big shock). I apologized to him. I sure didn't mean to be callous in my comments! Actors, by the way, often haven't gone to college... it depends, some do and some don't.  Writers generally have, or at least they're very good with grammar and all that. What I guess I was thinking, though, was that on GH, the writing can be very bad (even stupid) and full of clichés, so if he can write that kind of thing, then having a character speak poorly is not out of the realm of possibility.  We'll give him this round, though.

B&B and Y&R are not airing this week on Monday and Friday due to tennis....

I watched "Selfie"'s first episode on   Not a bad show! I love the actors on it, and it's pretty cute. It could be funnier, but let's hope it does get better. It had its moments. It's loosely based on "Pygmalion" (which is also what "My Fair Lady" was based on). You can also watch the first episode of "Forever" on there for free, and "A to Z" on Hulu. You can watch them right now instead of waiting until they air on TV!

Are you looking forward to all of the new shows coming up, and your favorites returning this Fall? I know I am! I'm going to have to sit down and figure out my DVR recording schedule for this season...

Don't forget to enter our monthly drawing! Two people win a prize every month.

Back to my stack of DVD's....hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, August 29, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #138

  • Monday 8/25/14

"Teen Wolf" was on Sunday instead of Monday this week...I guess because they didn't want to air opposite the Emmys. The VMA's were right after. It's kind of funny that MTV has these awards, since they stopped showing videos a long time ago! Being over 50, I don't listen to too much "new" music any more, and half the time I don't know the artists people are talking about.  I love awards shows but was never really into the music ones, anyway. I used to sometimes watch the Grammys in the 70's or early 80's, but I was never that into them, like the acting awards.

Anyway, I always love "Teen Wolf"! Such a great twist at the end of this episode with Peter and Kate.

Make sure to check out our site's "What's New" page to see all of the new stuff we've put up! New content every single day.

  • Tuesday 8/26/14

I'm still keeping up on "General Hospital" every day. My husband watched part of it with me this week. He doesn't know the more recent characters (he used to watch with me sometimes in the 80's). When he saw Roger Howarth (Franco) in his scruffy beard, he said that he looks a bit like Maynard G. Krebbs. He's right! LOL!

It's so great that they're mentioning Frisco, although I'd rather see him!  I love how they're bringing back Peter Harrell and all of that history.  I wonder if Peter Harrell is fake Luke?  It was great how Anna said today that Robert was investigating the WSB in Wisconsin (Genoa City, where "Young & The Restless" takes place! Because the actor who played Robert, Tristan Rogers, is now back on Y&R as Colin). Ha ha.  They're very good at using history and pandering to fans. They just need to have more original stories and get rid of the clichés.

I mostly watched DVD's so far this week...

If you've got an hour or so free each week, why not volunteer to help out on our site? We can always use more help! You don't have to have any special skills or knowledge...

  • Wednesday 8/27/14

I'm watching "Royal Pains" now. I always love this show. It's always fun and entertaining. I plan to build a section for the show on our site. So many primetime shows to cover! It takes a long time for me to build one section for one show.  Making the pages and then adding content takes a while. I also plan to make pages for the aforementioned "Teen Wolf", among others.

That was weird with Boris buying the hospital. I guess they don't need HankLab any more. I wasn't too surprised that Emma disappeared.... kind of figured. Can't wait for next week's season finale! Looks exciting. But I hate when they have the season finale. I sure hope they renew it for next year.

I spent the past 3 days making the new 2014 Primetime TV Schedule!  There are just way too many shows now! LOL!! I hope you can check it out.

I was reading a Q&A on either or TVLine and the person answering questions, the TV expert, replied to a question about some of the shows that he doesn't watch that particular show. It made me feel better because being another TV critic, I always feel guilty if I can't watch all of the shows... I don't watch "Game of Thrones", for instance. I'm sure I would enjoy lots of other shows I don't watch or have no time for.

I haven't yet watched the Emmys, so I've been avoiding social media all week, for the most part. I did happen to see that Colbert and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss won, but otherwise I'm still in the dark.  Yay, Stephen Colbert! I love his show.

I'm worried that my DVR is dying again. Lately it's not responding well. Hopefully it's just the remote. I'm going to have to hurry and clear off as much as I can, just in case.  Time to watch the Emmys, I guess! I think I still have the Tonys on there, too...

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's conference call interview with Haven's Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant! Yay! They're so great. I have to watch the Haven DVD that Syfy sent me tonight, so I can have some good questions to ask them.  Then next Tuesday I get to speak with Sean Astin of "The Strain"! Of course he's been awesome his whole career, especially in Lord of the Rings. He had a lot of fun movies in the 80's, too. And of course he's also the son of Patty Duke and John Astin! Wow!!  He's the 4th actor that I've interviewed from the "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit" movie franchise. I previously interviewed John Noble, Martin Freeman, and Elijah Wood! Woo hoo!

Right now I'm recording the latest episode of "Mistresses" to DVD. I still haven't finished watching last season yet! So I'm very behind.

I did watch "Hot In Cleveland". That was cute. It's always fun and silly. Funnier than most sitcoms on today, that's for sure.

  • Thursday 8/28/14

My conference call interview with Emily and Lucas of "Haven" went great this morning! They were very fun and nice. I was happy to learn that this isn't necessarily the last season (I thought they had said it was definitely the final season - glad I was wrong!).  Make sure to watch the new season starting 9/11! If the ratings are good, they'll keep it around another year.

I got very bad news today that "Longmire" was canceled. I love that show, so it really upset me. I had no idea it was even in danger of that. I thought it was a very highly rated show. Stupid A&E. I hope another network will pick it up. Otherwise we'll never know if Branch died or not, and whether Walt and Vic get together.

Today I'm trying to catch up on episodes of "The Bold & The Beautiful".  I have them going back to June. Some of them I have to put on DVD because we still need updates for them. We need to find a new person to do Thursdays and Fridays regularly.  Deborah was doing them, but I guess she stopped.

After I clear off the DVR, I can go back to watching my DVD of "Criminal Minds" 9th season to review it. Woo hoo!  I've got a long list of new shows coming up for Fall, but between Sundi, Eva, and me, we'll hopefully be able to get most of them.

The History Channel is airing "Houdini", a 2-part miniseries, starting Monday. Will you watch it? It sounds good.

This week's News and schedule page is at and next week's is at I should have the latter page done by Sunday morning at the latest. I'm very happy that I've been able to keep up a little better lately, get some stuff done, and even clear out a lot of my email and catch up on that. Yay!

Have a great Labor Day and 3 day weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #137

Last week was incredibly busy for me! Besides running the TV MegaSite, which is a full time job, I'm in a band, and lately that's been like a second job.  Also, we moved a couple of weeks ago, so I've been unpacking and dealing with house stuff (like having to repair appliances).  Crazy and hectic!

I tried really hard this week to catch up on some of the DVD's that they've been sending me lately for review. I really fell behind. You can read my reviews. Sundi also has written some new ones.

I was supposed to interview Piper Perabo of "Covert Affairs" last week, but I had to miss that one. So disappointed about that! Couldn't be helped, unfortunately. I really had wanted to speak with her because I met her husband years ago when he was playing Reginald on "General Hospital". They just got married, too.

Sometimes these DVD's take a long time to watch. I've been watching "Elementary" all week. One disk left! Then I can start on the "Criminal Minds" DVD from this past season.

I spent a lot of time making tons of new primetime pages for our site. Lots of hard work. I also fixed a lot of buttons that were having problems or needed new ones added, and Gisele helped me with that, too, on the daytime section.

I binge-watched this PBS show "Vicious", which I'd been recording. What a hilarious British show! It's one part "Married with Children", one part "The Golden Girls" and one part "Are You Being Served?"  I just laughed and laughed, and I had tears streaming down my face during the last few episodes. It's been a long while since I laughed so much!

I'm so glad to have "Doctor Who" back! Yay!!! I guess I'll put up with Peter Capaldi. Like Clara, I do prefer the younger, sexier Doctors that we've had for the past 9 years.... this guy is too old. Ah, well, as long as the writing's at a certain level, I'll still be entertained.

I was watching new BBC series "Intruders" starring John Simm. It's good and very creepy. However, I hate when they take these great British actors and then make them play Americans, stripping away their sexy accents.  This is made by the BBC, so why the hell does it take place in the U.S. and why does everyone have American accents? It makes no sense whatsoever.

I did notice one mistake, though. When Simm's character, Jack, is looking at his cell phone after trying to call his wife, it says "Amy's Mobile" rather than "Amy's cell". Um, we don't call them mobile's here in the states, you silly Brits! And even if we did, they would be called MObulls, not moBILES like you call them.  Oops!  Otherwise, it does look like the US and the accents are convincing.  Good cast. I'm always glad to see Robert Forster, and his partner is played by James Frain, who's in "Grimm" and so many other shows and movies. I remember him on "The Cape"!  That little girl is great, too.

This week's news page is at and next week's will be at !

I also binge-watched "The Killing" on Netflix (4th season). It's always awesome. I'll write up my review tomorrow.

I'm in an oldies rock band now, and when I'm not singing lead, I sing background and play the tambourine. I feel like Laurie Partridge! Only I actually sing and don't lip-synch (much)....

I'm posting this on August 25th. This is the last day to enter our August drawing! Don't forget to enter.

Have a great week!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #136

What shows are you watching in these hot, sultry Summer days? I hope you have good A/C. It sure helps out this time of year. I hope you're enjoying all of the Summer shows.

I've been catching up on "General Hospital". Yay!  I like the actors a lot--what a great cast!  I just wish they gave some of the characters more story, like Duke and Anna, and Kevin and Lucy.  This week I did catch up for a change. I thought the story with Maxie was really good. It was very unexpected that Levi was not really an Aussie and that the ICE agent was really his associate. I hope Mac doesn't die... but the other stories this week were awful. I don't like Sonny and Carly back together again. Been there, done that, many times over. Seems like Sonny and Olivia got over each other way too fast. I hate to see yet another one of Carly's relationships blow up (her and Franco).  The threesome episodes were silly but enjoyable. However, they wimped out in the end. It's 2014, do they really think we'll care if some guys have a threesome? I mean, it's daytime, so it's not like they're going to show that much, anyway.  If they show 2 guys kissing and taking their clothes off and then waking up in bed together the next day, so what if they show 3 guys doing the same? Anyone who would object to gay guys or threesomes would already not want to watch a show that has so many gay guys.  The rest of us who watch TV have already seen it happen on "Queer As Folk" or some other show or movie. They need to stop pandering to the elderly and the conservatives on soaps, especially if they want young people to start watching.  I thought it was especially dumb how they teased on Thursday that Milo might be interested in Felix and then on Friday we find out that it's Epiphany that he's into! It would have been stupid either way. Milo has never shown himself to be interested either in guys or old fat ladies.  He's had crushes on Lulu and Sabrina, so either he's bisexual or straight.  To have him suddenly be gay would be stupid and against the character's history.  And then, of course, there's no way he would be interested in Epiphany. Come on. That doesn't happen in real life. Young, hot guys don't suddenly decide they're in love with old fat ladies. Give me a break. I know that soaps are fantasy and target women, but that is completely stupid and unrealistic.  I love Epiphany, but come on!  Set her up with someone more realistic. Even Milo's brother, Max, would have made more sense, since he's older and, shall we say, heftier. The whole thing is stupid and contrived.  Set her up with Kevin - he could use somebody right now.

I'm way behind on "Bold & Beautiful" but I think I saw that Wyatt and Hope got married?? That's so stupid. The writing is so bad. No one would ping-pong between two men like that. It makes them all look bad. It's Brooke and Ridge all over again. Wasn't it bad enough the first time? Yuk.

I've been watching the first season of "Cedar Cove" on DVD this week. Good show. If you like old-fashioned dramas (soaps) with very little sex or action, this is for you. It's very real and reminds me of some shows like "Men in Trees" or "Picket Fences" but less over-the-top or silly than both of those shows.  It airs on the Hallmark Channel and it's like one of their movies. I love Dylan Neal, who stars in it. He's been on lots of soaps and other shows I like, such as "Smallville" and "Arrow". I'm glad to see him get a good role. The other actors on there are pretty good looking, too, and I enjoy seeing Bruce Boxleitner again!

I had two great interviews this week, one with Keenan Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters of NBC's "Last Comic Standing" and one with Eric McCormack of "Perception" on TNT.  It was great to speak with all of them. I've interviewed McCormack before, but it's still a thrill, and I love his show.  I updated our Interviews page and added tons of them that we've done in the past few months. Sorry for falling so behind on those!  Sometimes there are just more than I can handle. I suddenly realized there are about 4 others I don't have the transcripts for, so I'm waiting for the networks to send them to me.  Also, we have about 3 others that need transcribing (one-on-one interviews I've done; although the recordings are up already).

This coming week's News page is at   I'm ahead on it for a change and it's all ready for the week. See what's on TV this week and plan your watching or DVRing.  Lots of re-runs, that's for sure! Thank goodness for the cable shows.

I'm very glad to see the return of "Dallas" and "Franklin & Bash"! Yay!!

I was surprised that there were no new episodes of "The Daily Show" or "The Colbert Report" this week or next, just re-runs and pre-emptions. Bummer!  Where will I get my political laughs without those shows and no "Real Time", either? Tsk tsk.

There were a lot of sad TV deaths this past week, and I know lots of people who are depressed about it. Charles Keating, Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall and others... Well, you know what, most of them had great long lives, with lots of money and fame, and they led their lives pretty much the way they wanted to. Also, you don't really know any of them, so don't let it get you down. Yes, it's sad, but you have your own lives. Look at what's good in it and what you have, and what we all have.   Focus on the positive things!  Watch some good, uplifting TV shows to get you in a better place.

Have a great week!