Sunday, September 21, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #141

This week is the start of the new Fall season, for the most part... lots of new shows.   Don't forget to check out our What's New Page to see all of the great new stuff we put up, and our Site Map for all of the pages we have. We have thousands! The Site Map just lists the major pages.

Next Monday I've been invited to a conference call (telephone interview) with David Tennant (formerly of "Doctor Who"--my favorite doctor!). I sure hope I get to speak with him! Sometimes when it's someone really big, I don't get a chance, so we'll see. Now I just have to come up with something interesting to ask him and hope I'm not tongue-tied! LOL!! I can't say "I love you!" because he'll be creeped out and then FOX won't invite me back for any more interviews...  He's promoting his new FOX mini-series, "Gracepoint". It's funny because he did "Broadchurch", the UK version, and now he's starring in this US version, which is very similar, but with an American accent.  I put all of these interviews up on our Articles Page. We have lots of new ones all of the time!

I gave up the soaps, for the most part, and I'm not missing them. I still have to run the transcripts for the site, so they'll be on in front of me, but I won't be paying that close attention or worrying about catching up or things like that. Having said that, most of this week's "General Hospital" was pretty good. They do action and adventure well. It was great to see the Cassadines back, especially Helena. I can't imagine who Nathan's dad could be...who's worse than Victor Cassadine? The mind boggles. Maybe it's Fluke. Then the show went back to being boring, although Friday's was okay, especially at the end.

Our site has a monthly giveaway of DVD's and other TV-related stuff. Make sure to enter every month before the 25th. This Thursday is the last day to enter for the September drawing!

My DVR has been dying, so my wonderful cable company (Oceanic Time Warner Cable) sent me a new one. So over the weekend, I had to delete or watch or record to DVD the shows left on my DVR. I watched some episodes of "Bold & the Beautiful" because I was recording them for someone, anyway. I thought the scenes with Bob Barker were both very silly and stupid, but also funny and entertaining. Watching him literally kick Wyatt's ass was a hoot!! And not unintentionally funny, like when Ridge fell out of the helicopter.  Carole has been helping us out with writing the B&B updates on Thursdays and Fridays when she can. Anthony writes Mondays through Wednesdays on time every day. We used to have another writer, but she left, so Carole has been great to help out filling in! And Wanda, of course, does a great job with the short recaps.  We have so many fabulous volunteers....we are truly blessed.

I had a lot of episodes of "Tyrant" and "The Bridge" on the DVR as well, but FX sent me many of those, anyway, and I got the rest of On Demand. How did we ever watch TV without things like On Demand? It's so cool.

Today I hooked up the new box, and I'll be sending the old box back.  I had to set up my timers, or at least the ones for the next week that they'll allow. I set it up for the soaps, "Intruders", "Doctor Who", "Haven", "The Colbert Report", "The Daily Show", "Masterpiece Mystery", "Real Time with Bill Maher", "Hot in Cleveland", "Madame Secretary" (just the first ep) and my new fave "The Good Wife". It wouldn't let me set up any timers past next Sunday at first.  Later, I was able to add more shows, like "Forever", "Scorpion" (one time only to see what it's like), "Bones", "Black-ish" (one time only) and "How to Get Away with Murder" (one time only). I also got this brilliant idea - set up the timers for shows that are in re-runs, like "The Big Bang Theory" and "Supernatural", and just put it for new episodes, and that way when the new episodes air, the timer is already set up. I also set up the timers on my bedroom DVR, which is where I record some other shows, such as "Sleepy Hollow", "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and many others.

Some of us with TV sites are pals on Twitter and Facebook. I chat frequently with Lisa and Jamie Steinberg of Starry Constellation Magazine and with Jamie Ruby of SciFi Vision, among others! We trade info all the time and it's fun!

Last Monday I was on a call with "Gotham" creator Bruno Heller. It was a great call, but I didn't get to actually speak to him, unfortunately. The show is great, though, so make sure you tune in! He was also the creator of "The Mentalist" so it makes sense that this new show is great, too. Friday, I got to speak with the star of the show, Ben McKenzie. He's always very nice in interviews. I spoke with him before when he was on "Southland" on TNT, too.

I definitely want to build new sections on our site for "Gotham" and "The Flash", and I still have to build sections for "Sleepy Hollow", "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Teen Wolf" and "White Collar". I'm going to wait to see if "Royal Pains" is renewed before I decide on that one. I had wanted to build sections for "Revolution", "Warehouse 13" and "Wilfred", but they were all canceled before I had the chance. Eventually, maybe I will, anyway, but for right now, I have to give priority to current shows. I have a lot of new sections already that I need to finish building up, at least to a certain extent!

A few years back, there was a Summer show I loved called "Saving Hope" starring Smallville's Erica Durance and Michael Shanks, and Vampire Diaries/Originals' Daniel Gillies. It's essentially a hospital soap, but there are some supernatural elements. Anyway, NBC only showed it for one year and then canceled it, but it's a Canadian show, so they still show it up there. The good news is that Ion Television is going to be show the rest of the episodes! That is so great. Also, season 2 is coming out on DVD finally.

Speaking of "Doctor Who", this week's show was too confusing for me ("Listen"). I felt that they were trying to be deliberately confusing and pretentious, and it was too talky.

I enjoyed the "Hot in Cleveland" season finale. I hope Joy gets one of those guys next season!

I'm still watching "Intruders" on BBC America because it's compelling. Sometimes I don't really know what's going on, but they keep me interested.

I finally got around to watching John Oliver's show "This Week" on HBO. Not bad! I will have to watch some more...

We did watch Bill Maher's return on "Real Time" and his HBO special. His HBO special was hilarious!! Had me in tears.

I watched "Mysteries of Laura" on the NBC Press Site, and "A to Z" on, and last night I finally finished watching "The Good Wife" on DVD. Now I have to write reviews of both!  I spent most of the weekend finishing watching the DVD for "NCIS: LA season 5" and then the weekend watching the first 7 episodes of FOX's upcoming miniseries "Gracepoint", which I also enjoyed. I can never get enough of David Tennant!  I started looking for some fun stuff with him on YouTube for a while, too. I had totally forgotten that he was in one of the Harry Potter movies, too!

Thursdays I'm back to watching "Haven", which I always love. I don't like Mara. Poor Nathan! The episode this week was great. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I'm very mad at myself because I missed the opportunity to interview Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz of "Bones!" I've spoken with them before, but still, I'm pissed. The ironic thing is, I spent three days updating our "Bones" section, adding lots of new content, and that was why I didn't read my email as carefully as I should have, and I missed the interview offer. Crazy!

I've been reading this week's "Entertainment Weekly". They talk about the new shows a lot. I hope that "How to Get Away with Murder" is good.  "The Flash" sounds great. I'm always a sucker for any superhero show.

All 4 seasons of the soap "Venice the Series" now airing on YouTube Don't Miss It!

This week's Primetime News and Schedule Page is at  Check it out!

Have a great week....

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