Sunday, May 12, 2013

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #94

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This week's Primetime News page features tons of news and video clips. I work on it a lot on Sundays, so check it later tonight out to see what's on TV and get the latest news. Check out last week's to see many clips and lots of info. This link will only be good for a little while, though, because I will move all that info to our Old News Page and delete the original page.

I forgot to mention in last week's blog that the one thing I object to about the four-letter words on One Life to Live... they seem to be overdoing it just a bit, for one thing. And also, I didn't like when Jeffrey swore in front of Viki. He hardly knows her, and she's his boss, whom he's hoping to impress so that she will give him a regular job. That did not strike me as realistic. Hopefully it will get better.

We watched "Mad Men", which is always so enjoyable. I was sad to learn that they only plan a few more years of the show.  We also watched "The Simpsons", which is ok, and "Family Guy", which was funnier than last week's but still should have been funnier.

Now I'm watching "Elementary", which is so good. I love anything to do with Sherlock Holmes.

Also, I watched "Once Upon a Time", one of my favorite shows. It was great! I can't wait until next week's season finale.  And now "The Mentalist", another favorite. I just love Simon Baker! I hope that Red John is not anyone we know and like.

I have mostly been watching DVD's lately....have to review them for our site.

I did catch NCIS, Castle, Warehouse 13, and Body of Proof. NCIS is always good, but it has been kind of depressing this season.  I love Castle! Even though they had a clip show, it was great. Warehouse 13 - so great to have it back! Always so fun.  Body of Proof... well, they are trying so hard to make the show super exciting. Frankly, I liked it better before they did that.  Now I'm catching up on "Person of Interest". Love that show!

May is always such a tough time because there are so many great shows, many of them ending for just the year, some forever.

I watched CSI, which was a weird one about some ghost hunters. I hate ghost stories in "real" shows because I don't believe in the supernatural and don't like it when people do. I don't mind it in a fantasy show, of course, because then it's not real.  And then they tried to say that the character David was in 6th grade 20 years ago. One problem with that - CSI started 13 years ago, and he was on it, so he would have had to be 18 when the show started!! I doubt they have morgue assistants that start that young (and he didn't look that young).

I always love Supernatural. Such a great show, and it always has shocks and surprises.  Fabulous actors, too.

I'm bummed about the shows that were announced for cancellation this week, especially Southland, Monday Mornings, CSI: NY, Body of Proof, and Go On.  Not surprised, but annoyed. I was already annoyed about Smash and Cult being canceled. I'm glad Nikita got renewed, though.

So sad that this is the final season of "Burn Notice" this Summer. Noooooooo!!!  Glad that they renewed "Defiance" for another year, though.

We're catching up tonight on some episodes of "The Colbert Show". I think it's very funny, but my husband sometimes is not in the mood to watch it, so I don't watch it without him. And now we're 60 episodes behind...  Good thing he and I don't watch too many shows together or my DVR would get too full.

Wow, this past week's Doctor Who was fantastic!! I wish Neil Gaiman would write all of the episodes.