Sunday, February 16, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #111

  • Sunday February 9

Almost everything is re-runs this week because of the Olympics! I don't watch those, so I guess it'll give me a chance to catch up on my shows.

I DVR'ed the Beatles special tonight on CBS, though, so I'll watch that later and keep it on DVD. I love the Beatles!

I watched a ton of soaps to get them off my DVR. It's much faster now that I'm not also recording them to DVD. I'm caught up to Jan. 9 now on B&B, GH and Y&R. I have to record DOOL on the other DVR, so that one I'm still behind on until I can get started watching the DVD's.

  • Monday February 10

Monday is always a busy day for shows for me because I record and watch Almost Human, Beauty & The Beast, and Teen Wolf. I watched Teen Wolf just now. Love it! It's always so intense and has great stories that twist and turn.

  • Tuesday February 11

I ended up watching the rest of the shows on Tuesday.

I've been making new pages for new shows for our site. I'm just starting, but I made some pages for Almost Human, Beauty & The Beast, and Dallas so far.

  • Wednesday February 12

I caught up on "Revenge"! Not as good as it was first season, but they still make it interesting. It's a good soap opera. I wonder if Victoria was really raped?

I've got a ton of DVD's now to watch that the studios and their PR people have sent me. I have to start them soon.

I'm also catching up on "Bones" this week. I've watched every episode of the show since it's start. I loved how they introduced Hodgins' mentally illy brother.

  • Thursday February 13

I've mostly just been watching soaps and procrastinating about everything else.

  • Friday February 14

I didn't watch any TV at all today. I was busy all day and then I went to bed early.

I can't wait for the new Veronica Mars movie. That should be awesome. I sure wish they could make movies of all my favorite shows that got canceled too early.

I just read an article that says that Y&R's ratings went down after Billy and Adam left the show. Well, I think really what happened is that the ratings went up for their exit and then went down again. That means some casual viewers temporarily tuned in to see the end of their story and then tuned out again. That doesn't mean regular viewers are leaving the show.  I don't think the over all ratings have gone down in the past year. The show has been boring, but long-term fans are not going to stop watching just because of some short-term problems. We like to see our favorites either way.

We have a very active TV group on Facebook, so check it out. It's a nice bunch of folks.

  • Saturday February 15

I watched a recent episode of "Arrow". I always love that show! I still need to finish running my Friday soap transcripts, too. I got so far behind.

This weekend I was really busy and didn't feel much like working on the site. Sometimes I'll work really hard on the site for every waking moment, and other days I can barely bring myself to do anything. I guess everyone's like that with work!

Thank goodness my site's volunteers work really hard every day to write articles etc. for the site.

I really miss Gisele this week. She's on vacation. I depend on her for so much!

It looks all of the soaps are running their usual new episodes on Monday if anyone's wondering...

I was very sad earlier this week when I heard that Ralph Waite had died. We actually got to meet him in the 90's when we lived in Riverside. My husband David worked at UCR. Waite was running for Sonny Bono's senate seat (he ended up losing).  He came to the university and gathered people from the poli sci department to talk about issues. I went, and I was happy to see him and hear them talk. Stupid me, I didn't get a photo, but it was great to meet him.  He was a great guy - very smart, liberal, passionate and caring. Of course I watched the Waltons back in the 70's we loved it, and he was great as the dad on that (and on other great things like "Roots").  Lately he was also on "Days of Our Lives" as a priest, and he was also Booth's grand-dad on "Bones" and Gibbs' dad on "NCIS", so he was everywhere. Normally it's not so shocking when an 85 year old dies, but man, he was still very busy and involved, so it made it much more surprising, I guess.  Such a shame.

Have a great week!