Thursday, August 27, 2009

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #74

Our site has been going great. We have all of the soap summaries covered for now, so that is very exciting. We have tons of great volunteers, but we always need more! We have a new volunteer, Kaylee, who has so much energy and has been a great find to help us with the updates.

I have been trying to catch up on so much, been working like crazy. You can see it all on our "What's New" page

I was so excited last week to talk to Eric Braeden (Victor on Y&R). He is a great guy. I might soon get to talk to Eileen Davidson. I also got to talk to Aldiss Hodge of "Leverage", one of my favorite shows. Just so awesome. My first phone interviews, all in one week!

I am still working on our site's new design. This is the one I have right now...I am not a professional designer, so that's the best I can do for right now. I was hoping to get a professional to help us out, but so far it has not worked out. They either say they will do it and then not doing anything, or they are head cases. I spent days arguing with this one guy, who turned out to be a real jerk and then quit. He did nothing but insult me and the site, and he would only do things his way. Sheesh. So much for "the customer is always right". In this case, the customer didn't even get a say. Plus he was pretty much an idiot. Our web host, Marcos, might be able to help me out some more.

We are hoping to add tons more shows in the new few weeks. I made main pages for CSI, Law and Order, and Grey's Anatomy. So far it's just the main page, so I hope to add more shows plus fill out the rest of each section. Our site always has tons of great content, but there are so many great shows, too, and I know people like to see current stuff. Anything to please our visitors/readers! I hope that we can keep our other current pages for Smallville, Lost, House, et al. updated with spoilers, news etc. as well. We always need more help on these show sections! Please email me if you can help out with your favorite show!

I have been getting some great free DVD's from Warner Brothers lately, and reviewing them for our site.

Our volunteer Carrie has finished season two of the 24 episode guide recaps! She will be back writing them for season 8 in the spring, I'm sure. Our volunteer Patti went to the All My Children studios and got some great photos and autographs for us. Our great interviewer Laurie got some more soap star interviews!

Another great volunteer, Keith, has been writing Y&R updates daily...these are our day-ahead detailed summaries. I'm so glad that he is now doing that because it is too much for me to do on top of everything else, and I know people love this show. I do, too, I just fall behind a lot. Just so grateful to all of our wonderful writers and other volunteers! Please don't be offended if I don't mention you...I am so happy to have all volunteers...

Don't forget to enter our monthly DVD drawing!! We have tons of great ones. I just added Supernatural on Blu-Ray. The September contest starts this coming week on the 5th. Don't enter before that or it won't count. You can only enter between the 5th and 25th of each month.

So I watched tons of TV dvd's this week...I don't always have time to watch the whole series, though...I never run out of things to watch, honestly. I have tons of DVD's and many hours of shows on my DVR. Lately I haven't had time to watch most of the soaps. I have only been watching Y&R and B&B. I fell so far behind on all of them, but I do still record them. Maybe one day, time will stop for a few years so I can catch up on everything ;)

It's so sad that Guiding Light is ending. I stopped watching it a while back because they got rid of so many of the characters I liked, and the stories were kind of dull. It sounds like things are better lately, but only because it's ending ! So stupid. Although I have to say, not keen on the idea that Mallet left town and Marina. That sounded really lame. Also, I don't like how they broke up Dinah and Shayne. It sounds like it was all very contrived in order to throw Shayne and Marina together, and rushed because of the show's ending. Why not just make it all a happy ending for fans, anyway? So stupid.

I have been enjoying reading what the GL actors say on Twitter. Poor guys, they are all used to getting up at 4 or 5 am and not they don't have jobs...but they are still up, and posting to their fans on Twitter! LOL!! If you want to know which Guiding Light actors are on Twitter, you can go to our Links page, or add me on twitter and look at the friends I follow. I follow mostly, I'm not shallow at all :)

I'm sorry that "Burn Notice" is gone already, but I am happy to still have "Leverage" to watch and now "Monk" and "Mad Men". I guess "Royal Pains" is over, or soon will be, and I'm sure "Deep Blue" will be soon. I just started watching "PSych" regularly, which also just returned. SO glad to have all these summer shows to watch while the big nets are showing crap. I only had two regular network shows I watched this summer: Harper's Island on CBS, and Defying Gravity on ABC. There are some others I never got around to watching, like Merlin. Maybe I will catch them on DVD.

I am not mentally ready for the new season to puts a lot more pressure on me :) but I will be glad to see my favorites like Smallville, Supernatural, Dollhouse, et al. again. I am still sticking to the vow I made two years ago and only watching one new show per season. I just got so sick of them canceling them all the time. I can't get upset if I don't watch the show, right? I have commitment-phobia when it comes to network television. I don't think I am the only one, either. So, anyway, Glee will be the only new show I will commit to watch this fall. I may watch others casually, or record them, but I will not get emotionally involved. That is my annual fall commitment, and I have done a pretty good job of sticking to it. I do watch other new shows but, they are not top priority. Last year I think I chose Fringe and Dollhouse. However, I did end up watching The Mentalist, Castle, and Southland...

It sounds like there are a lot of good new shows this year, especially scifi-like shows: Fast Forward, V, Eastwick, Past Life, Vampire Diaries....wonder if any of them will make it?

I will probably be forced to watch The Cleveland Show because my husband likes all the Family Guy-type shows. I really liked Alex O'Loughlin in "Moonlight", but not sure if his new show "Three Rivers" will be any good. Plus, what a bad name. And why so many medical shows this year? Is it because of the Grey's Anatomy success, or because everyone is talking about the health care problems? Kinda stupid, I don't think most people will watch all five of them. Why did they bother getting rid of ER just to make more of the same kind of show?

Well, have a good week, I'm off to set up my DVR now for the new shows...