Thursday, January 13, 2011

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #88

Happy New Year to all TV fans!

It doesn't really feel like a new year yet, since we have so many reruns!

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Things have been so hectic! It's always something. We still have tons of stuff going up on our site every single day, thanks to our wonderful volunteers. You can find out what's new on our site every day on our What's New page.

I get so much news now from the TV networks that I don't have time for it at all, but I am doing my best to keep up. I get a lot that has to be edited, and I forward it to Danielle to put up our Primetime Forum. I put a lot of it (smaller versions of it, anyway) on our Primetime News Page. You can see info about all the upcoming TV shows, DVD's and more!

We have add tons of new primetime show pages for current shows like Castle and American Idol! Eric has been building those, and I am helping when I can.

We also have new recaps of episodes of The O.C., Charmed transcripts and more! Lots of interviews with TV stars, too!

If you like daytime TV, we have tons of daily updates (detailed summaries), as well as short recaps, and transcripts-- each update has screencaps as well! Lots of stuff to have fun with, as well, with games, polls, articles, spoilers, news, and more.

I have to apologize because our Days of Our Lives and Y&R transcripts have not been a day ahead lately. Eric in Canada usually does those for us, but his machine died, and he is having a hard time getting everything replaced properly. The technology we use for the transcripts is kind of out of date. It uses a TV tuner that grabs the closed captioning from the TV. Apparently the new tv tuners don't do that (they just let you watch TV on your computer). The old ones, made by ATI, which is now owned by AMD, won't work on newer versions of Windows. What a pain in the you-know-what! So he is working on trying to fix that. We hope it won't be much longer!

A lot of our transcripts have been late, and those have been my fault because I have had a lot of things interfering with them. Sucks when real life gets in the way! First I was sick, and then my own computer with ATI was crashing a lot. I think it's fixed now, though, and I am mostly caught up on the transcripts. Cross your fingers!

We always need more volunteers, so please email me if you have a few hours a week and would like to help out! Thanks!

TV has had lots of reruns on the "major networks" since November. I hope you have managed to catch some good cables shows that were not reruns. I sure enjoyed the holiday episodes of "Warehouse 13" and "Eureka", as well as the return of "Burn Notice" and "Men of a Certain Age" and "Leverage". All great shows. Thank you, cable nets, for realizing that there are TV fans who want to watch good TV fiction 12 months a year!! Of course, there are always the daytime soaps; they almost never take a break, so I guess I should thank the TV networks for that, too.

This next week, most of the shows are returning, so that will be great. Me, I'm still catching up on stuff on my DVR. You should really get a DVR if you don't already have one. You will wonder how you lived without it. Not only is it much easier to record stuff to watch, but it is so great for pausing TV and for rewinding and fast-forwarding live TV. I have two of them, so I always have stuff to watch! Too much, in fact...

I get lots of DVD's sent to me, to review for our site, so I always have lots of DVD's to watch, too. It's an amazing age we live in when TV shows are so abundant and convenient to watch. Stop complaining that you are bored and there is "nothing on", tsk tsk! :) Right now I am watching a great show from 1996, "Dark Skies". I saw it back then, but amazingly, I had forgotten most of it. I remembered that it was Scifi and that I loved it, but nothing else. Getting old...

Have a great time! Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, too, this weekend!!