Thursday, June 6, 2013

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #95

Welcome back! I hope you enjoy visiting our site and reading this blog...

We have a lot of new volunteers and help (always!).  Gisele has been working tirelessly as usual, but even more, really.... she's been transcribing all of our All My Children Transcripts and many of the One Life to Live Transcripts as well.

We have a new writer, Sundi, who has been writing a monthly Primetime Article as well as many Reviews of new shows for us!  Another new volunteer, Mendie, has been interviewing some TV stars for us.

We always have many great people writing our daily Daytime Soap Updates, Recaps, and Best Lines! As well as Juanita, who dutifully puts the photo screencaps into the updates every day, and many proofreaders, writers etc. It's a great group!

One of our most hard-working volunteers, Danielle, has left us and is no longer running our Primetime Forum. We could really use someone to replace her, even a little bit, by posting news on the forum.  I've been trying to do some, but I already have a lot to do.

We always need more volunteers!

Here are some random thoughts I wrote lately while watching TV.

I'm watching "Beauty and the Beast". I do love this show. The addition of Sendhil Ramamurthy has been awesome.

Sunday night we always watch The Simpsons, Family Guy and Mad Men when they are new. The Simpsons was not very funny; Family Guy was pretty good. Mad Men is always great!

Monday I watched Person of Interest, Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Castle and Warehouse 13.  Great season ending episodes for POI and Castle!  POI confused me just a little bit, I have to admit :) I love it, though. It's really scifi more than anything.  Big Bang Theory was awesome, even though the show is so unrealistic. Girls who never play D&D and guys who have only played with other guys? I started playing D&D in the early 70's.  Geeks don't just hang out with their own gender. So stupid.  Cute line about Zachary Quinto.

Two and a Half Men - I don't know why they are always putting this show down because it's usually pretty funny. I loved Charlie Sheen, but I also love Ashton Kutcher. It was great seeing him with Marilu Henner!! His character is not only gorgeous and funny but so smart, and they are great together.

Castle was fantastic. Even though I do have to say, I don't think the FBI would want Beckett because she is not really a rule-follower. The very end was so great and made me go "Aw!"

I watched this upcoming Lifetime Movie Network movie "The Perfect Boss" online. I interviewed star Linden Ashby yesterday and today I am interviewing Jamie Luner, the other star. It is cool for fans of Melrose Place to see them back together. It was an interesting movie if a little slow.

I did manage to catch tonight's NCIS and Body of Proof. NCIS has some pretty wild plots sometimes. I think Mark Harmon did some fabulous acting work in this - always an under-rated actor.  So sad that Body of Proof is leaving the air. This week's episode was great.

I've been catching up on episodes of "Revenge" on my DVR. I was missing one, so I watched it on Hulu. Great to have Hulu! I love Revenge... I hate when I read people who put it down. It's still great! I have a feeling I'm not going to like the ending of the last episode, though.  I know someone is going to die, so I hope it's not Jack, Nolan, Declan or Charlotte! (Darn it, it's Declan...that is too sad)

Soap fans got some bad news today - the two new online soaps, AMC and OLTL, are now only going to be two days per week. Nothing wrong with that except it does not bode well for the future.

I watched last night's CSI, the season finale. Great episode and good cliffhanger!

The new thing everyone's talking about is "binge-watching". I guess in general, they are talking about people who choose to rent or watch a DVD set or a bunch of online episodes of a show, all at once. I've been doing that for years! Who knew it would become trendy? Right now I'm binge-watching the first 6 episodes of "Falling Skies", which starts airing its 3rd in June. Every TV reviewer does this. So funny that it's trendy now.

I just wish I had the time and energy to binge-watch some shows I missed, like Lost, The Wire, Desperate Housewives, Scandal and more... as you get older, it's really sad, but you realize you'll probably never get to watch all of the TV shows and movies you want to see, or read all the books you want to read, or travel to all of the places you want to visit, etc. You just start slowing down and eventually you just run out of time. And they keep coming out with more shows, movies and books! Yikes!

I have been spending most of the time catching up on DVD's they send me to watch and review. I'm finally caught up, for the most part. Here are my reviews!

I also binge-watched "Teen Wolf" first season so I could then binge-watch the season 2 DVD that they sent me. Fun show! I have season 3 starting up on my DVR now.

Almost all of the "regular" shows are in re-runs now or replaced by reality shows. What shows are you watching this summer?

These are the shows set up to record on my DVR for the next few weeks: Anger Management, Bold & Beautiful, Burn Notice, The Client List, Colbert Report, Continuum, Daily Show, Defiance, Devious Maids, Days of Our Lives, Drop Dead Diva, Falling Skies, The Fosters, General Hospital, Hot in Cleveland, In the Flesh, The Killing, King & Maxwell, Longmire, Mad Men, Major Crimes, Mistresses, Necessary Roughness, Perception, Primeval, Rizzoli & Isles, Royal Pains, Sinbad, Sullivan & Son, Teen Wolf, Twisted, Ultimate Spider-Man, Under the Dome, Warehouse 13, and The Young & The Restless!

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