Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #134

  • Thursday 7/24

Today I watched this week's "Teen Wolf", "Major Crimes", two episodes of "The Colbert Show" and some episodes of "General Hospital" from early July.

I'm so behind on email and other work...

This week's news and schedule is at  Next week's is at  I hope to have it ready by next Sunday.

  • Friday 7/25

I've been trying to watch as much as possible off my DVR because I'm going out of town for a week. I always worry about it filling up.  Thankfully, being summer, it's not as difficult. Still, I've been watching General Hospital like crazy to catch up as much as I can. I'm in early July still on that one.

I watched the last two fabulous episodes of "Crossbones". I'll be sorry when that show finishes its summer run. I sure hope it comes back. They sure like to rough up that poor Tom, don't they? LOL!

I still haven't finished watching last season's "Mistresses", which is somewhere on an older DISH DVR, so I decided to just copy this season's onto DVD. Who knows when I'll catch up?

This week, a lot of people I know are either at the San Diego Comic-Con or are headed to L.A. for the General Hospital Fan Weekend. I wish I could go to either! However, the schedule seldom works out that I can go because it's the same time as my wedding anniversary, and we always take a trip to a different state (it's our tradition). We've been to California and all of the nearby states already...  There are other reasons I haven't gone in past years, but I'm hopeful that it will change someday. In the meantime, we do have volunteers on our site at those events, taking lots of great photos!  Stay tuned!!

  • Saturday 7/26

I was on an airplane for most of the day, so I didn't watch any TV. I did have a nice discussion with a woman from Holland on one leg of the flight. She lives a very exciting life. It would make a great TV show! She jets all around, visiting different countries, as nanny for kids. She speaks several languages, so she's in pretty good demand. She's also a ski instructor and very pretty. Only 19. but she seems older because she's very confident, mature, and independent! You never see characters like that on TV... that would be a fascinating show. She doesn't watch a lot of TV, of course. She's too busy living her life. The sad fact of life is that most really successful people in this world don't watch much TV because they're too busy.  Only those of us who love TV and make time for it do watch TV.

I've interviewed many actors over the phone, and when I ask them what TV shows they watch, it definitely sounds like they don't have too much time to watch TV, or much else, for that matter. It makes sense because if they're working on a TV show or movie, they spend most of their spare time sleeping, or working out, or with friends and family.

Speaking of actors, I always wonder if they're all hungry since they're all so skinny. Obviously when you're young, your metabolism is different. You can eat a lot and still be skinny. But they have to be a lot skinnier and in shape than the average person, so it's tough.

I was reading in "Entertainment Weekly" on the plane, about Chris Pratt. You may know him from "Everwood" or "Parks and Recreation". He stars this summer in "Guardians of the Galaxy". His weight has fluctuated a lot over the years because he's one of these chameleon kind of actors. If he's playing in a comedy, he often gains weight for that.  He got in real shape for GotG. I can't wait to see that movie!  Before this article, I was getting him mixed up with Chris Klein. Whoops! I don't watch "Park & Rec" so that's part of the reason. Once I read that he was Bright in "Everwood", the lightbulb went on.

Comic-con is over now... so glad I won't be hearing about that any more. But now the rest of the people I know are at the General Hospital Weekend.  More jealousy!

Anyway, we have lots of great photos from Comic-Con from Karl and Zina.  We'll have great pics from Nikky after the GH Weekend.

  • Sunday 7/27

We're on vacation and not watching much TV. In my downtime, when I'm not sleeping, I've been working on the site.... I was late getting stuff done on this week's news and schedule pages.

Danielle was on vacation, so I did my best to do her job, too, but it's a lot of work. So glad she's back!  She posts tons of news every day on our Primetime Forum.

  • Monday 7/28

We have a nice TV in our hotel room. I haven't watched it too much yet. My husband was watching re-runs of "Emergency" and "Adam 12" on METV. That's a great station for watching old shows. It's kind of like TVLAND used to be, back in the 90's, when it showed a lot of old rare shows. We used to watch some shows that most of you have probably never heard of, like "I Married Joan". (It was kind of like "I Love Lucy") and "Car 54, Where Are You?"

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Also, if you like to talk about TV or hear about it, please join our Talkin' TV group on Facebook.  It's a nice, small group of TV fans.  The only rules are: no insulting anyone (either actors or each other) and no posting of spoilers. Spoilers are what will happen on the show, but they're also what just happened. Try to wait 1-3 days after you watch any show to talk about storyline info. 

  • Tuesday 7/29

I was sad to hear that "Crossbones" was canceled and ending soon. Not surprised, though. For one thing, most TV shows get canceled in their first year. It's just a sad truth of the TV biz now. Secondly, when a network puts a show on in the summer, it usually means they don't have a lot of confidence in it and don't expect it to do well (otherwise they'd put it on in the fall). This is less true of cable, of course.  Anyway, most summer shows on network TV get canceled. I applaud NBC for even trying something so daring as this show. I really enjoyed it. I loved the cast, and it was a kind of historical/adventure/soap opera.  I think a lot of people watched the premiere, decided it wasn't worth watching, and didn't give it a second look. That's too bad, but it happens a lot. We all do that sometimes. This is why the TV industry is the way it is now. People like to blame the networks, but if a show gets enough viewers, they keep it around usually! It's our fault for not being patient and not giving shows a chance, and being too picky.  Friday is a tough day for shows now, so they very seldom put anything on during that day that sticks around. There are some rare exceptions, such as Blue Bloods.

Apparently, a popular blogger among soap fans, Ravenbeauty, died. She wrote a blog and was on Facebook. She'd had cancer and it finally killed her. I didn't know her, but R.I.P. Ravenbeauty! She was one of our little media stars.  So sad when someone with so much drive and talent dies. You really have to have a passion for what you write or talk about, and spend many hours on it, in order to get that successful. Of course there's a lot of smarts and luck involved, too. Many of us have all that and still don't get that successful or famous ;)

  • Wednesday 7/30

Today was our wedding anniversary, and we were traveling. I did flip around the channels here in our hotel in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. They have a nice big screen TV. It's one of the few hotels I've seen where they have both HBO and movies you can buy (usually it's one or the other).

Syfy did send me Sharknado 2, but I've been so busy, I didn't get around to watching it before it aired. Oh, well. Now I guess I'll watch the first one and review them both together! I hear they're supposed to be comedies to a certain extent.  I know people like to make fun of them as cheap and trashy, but if they're funny, who cares?

I brought a bunch of DVD's to watch, but we were having way too much fun traveling, so I didn't watch one of them! When we weren't out, I was sleeping...

Have a great week!