Monday, March 17, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #115

I still haven't watched last week's Oscars! LOL!

This week started out right with the return of some of my favorite shows.

"The Simpsons" was pretty funny (it's always great to see Sideshow Bob!), but "Family Guy" was hysterical. We were in stitches with all the jokes in that one. Finally!  The show hasn't really been very funny for the past year so we're glad to see it's really funny again.

It was great to see "The Mentalist", especially to see Rigsby and Van Pelt back again. What a shocker of an ending, too!

"Once Upon a Time" is back and I'm so happy about that. It was great to see Chris Gorham, even if he did turn into a flying monkey! I hope they bring him back again.  Love the episode and the shocker ending, too. The show always rewards us with so many awesome twists and turns and great guest-stars and wonderful moments. I sure hope they can bring back Rumplestiltskin soon, though. He's my favorite part of the show.

I was just glad to get so much work on the site today... make sure to check out our news pages every week, and also our Primetime Forum.

If you watch "General Hospital" we would really use your help. We need some more volunteers to watch the show and write daily updates. These are our detailed summaries . We have 3 people writing them and none of them really want to do it every week and have trouble meeting the daily deadlines.  Please help!  You must be able to watch the show at least once a day and write a detailed summary (and write well enough to have good grammar, spelling, and punctuation). Email me if you can help out!

This morning I'm gathering the news and spoilers around the net about the four remaining soaps and then posting it to our newsletters and forums. I try to do it every Monday, but some weeks I don't do it for one reason or another, like being sick or having other work to do.

"Teen Wolf" is always fantastic, but this week's was even more so than usual! Wow!

I will miss Beauty & The Beast. They had a good season finale. I hope it's not the series finale.

I had an interview this morning with the creator of "Psych" on USA, Steve Franks, as well as the two stars James Roday and Dulé Hill. I've spoken with them before, and it's always fun. It was a bit sad, though, knowing that the last episode is coming. I got to see it, and it's really good! I'm so sorry to see it end. I reviewed the last episodes.

I enjoyed this past week's "Law & Order: SVU". I kind of figured that Rollins was working for someone and not just totally going off on her own, although of course the big twist was that she kinda did cross the line before having to work undercover. I love Donal Logue - such an amazing actor! He was so great in this role. I hope they bring him back or better yet, spin him off into his own series.

CSI was great as ever, too. Gene Simmons was on it, though, and he's a terrible actor.

I've seen a few little snippets of the soaps while I run the transcripts for our site. What is up with Luke on GH? I wonder what the Cassadines or someone else did to him. Creepy that he hit on Kiki.  I also saw how "Days of Our Lives" tried to make us think that EJ was responsible for trying to give Abby an abortion against her will! That would really earn him another shot in the head...

I didn't watch as much TV as usual this week because we were having a visitor (a friend from Germany). He loves golf, and they don't show golf too much on his country's TV, I guess, so he likes to watch the Golf Channel a lot.  We have to indulge our house guests! :)

I caught up on "Justified" episodes from the past month on our cable's On Demand. I so love that show! It's always so shocking and makes me chuckle as well.

Have a great week and have fun watching TV! Happy St. Patrick's Day, too!