Friday, September 5, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #139

  • 8/29/14

I'm slowly catching up on "Bold & The Beautiful" clear off my DVR. I'm finally in July! LOL!

We watched two episodes of this weeks' Colbert Report and the Daily Show. So funny! Especially Thursday's Colbert Report. It was hilarious. I had tears flowing down my face.

I'm been trying to catch up on all my emails (most of them are work-related; press releases, videos and other stuff the PR people send me about the shows. There's just too much!)  Every day I get a few hundred. It's hard to keep up. I had a few thousand to go through, but now I'm down to 800+ and most of those are probably past-due so I'll just be archiving or deleting them because it's too late.  Then all of a sudden Gmail just stopped working. I have to reboot...

I worked hard until around midnight and then got up around 4:30 am and worked more! Getting a lot done.

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  • 8/30/14

I hate when the TV writers are lazy and write stupid or contrived plots. Cases in point.... Now, the episodes July 4-7 on "Bold & Beautiful" were fantastic in many ways. It was great to see Quinn go all cray-cray and threaten Liam's life. Very dramatic. However, since she had already broken into his house and threatened him twice, and he was taking that threat seriously, and he was on crutches and all alone at a beach house...why would he give her a third chance? He has a lot of money. He could have gone to a hotel or hired a bodyguard.  It was just too stupid that she got in that third time. Also, once Wyatt saved him and he yelled at his mom, there was suddenly all of this venting about his childhood and how he had to put up with a crazy mom. Well, that really came out of nowhere because there was none of that before now (or at least, fairly recently). When Quinn first came on the show, she wasn't crazy, and he didn't treat her like she was. So this is very contrived and coming out of nothing.

On "General Hospital"-- on Friday's show, after figuring out where Levi was holding Maxie and Georgie hostage, Dante and the other cops rush to their rescue. What do they do? They surround the place and get on the blowhorn and yell, "You're surrounded, come out with your hands up". Well, that doesn't happen in real life. That would be really stupid. First of all, Levi kidnapped the girls at least a few days ago, so they had no reason to think the girls were in immediate danger (especially since they just talked to them on the phone). Why make it a risky hostage situation by doing this crap with the megaphone? They should have just waited for Levi to come out and then nabbed him.  That was just stupid, contrived TV nonsense.  Not to mention, they have his cell phone number (from when the girls called using it), so at the very least, they could just phoned him instead of using the megaphone.

I have a lot of great dreams about TV, but one I had last night was so detailed, and it really should be turned into a TV show or movie. You have my permission, take it and make money! It was sort of a cross between Cedar Cove or The Killing, and Extant.  There was this sleepy, foggy small town, and some strange aliens (?) had come to town, or perhaps they were suspected of being there (there were signs) and maybe some terrible things had happened. A woman sheriff, who was raising her young daughter, was looking into whether the aliens were real or not. She had doubts. It was a very creepy dream. I wish I could give you more details, but it was like I only got to see the first couple of episodes.  She was communicating with the aliens in one part of the dream (but still doubtful about whether they were real).

  • 8/31/14

I'm watching the second "Doctor Who" episode of this season.... it's always enjoyable, but the best writing is behind them, when Russell T. Davies was in charge. Peter Capaldi is a fine Doctor, though.

Now I'm watching "Unforgettable". I enjoy it and hope it comes back for another season. It's a nice Summer show.

I guess watching TV influenced my dreams again because I had a long "Doctor Who" dream! It was odd. There was a woman he was supposed to meet, played by Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher on "Star Trek: The Next Generation"). For some reason, the Doctor, who seemed like he was in a trance, took a gun and shot her. I was sometimes in the dream as his companion, and sometimes watching as myself. I helped him put her on a cart and we tried to get her some help. He still wasn't himself. He had been teaching at a university, for some reason, too, and one of his students that tried to stop him and talk to him said that his parents had also been his student and were thrilled to have worked as his dog-walkers. In an elevator, the Doctor regenerated, several times, and it was amusing to see his different selves. I think he was a woman at the end. It was a very odd dream.

  • 9/1/14

I didn't watch too much TV the past few days. I've been sick and sleeping a lot. I did watch the other episode of "Unforgettable". I don't know why they aired two this week, but I'm glad!

I'm still so bummed out that they canceled "Longmire"... this was their highest-rated drama and their second-highest rated show of all time. Apparently it didn't get good demographics - meaning not enough younger people watched it. Why would anyone think that young people would watch a slow-moving western? Duh.  They're too impatient to enjoy such a good show.

For some reason, my living room DVR didn't record either GH or Y&R. So strange! My bedroom DVR did record Y&R, and thankfully I can get GH On Demand in a day or two...
  • 9/2/14

I'm back to catching up on "Bold & Beautiful"... I enjoy the show, for the most part, but it's hard to keep pulling for it when the stuff they do makes no sense. I mean, in June, Hope broke up with Wyatt and chose Liam. In July, his mother went crazy and tried to kill Liam, and Wyatt saved him, so Liam and Wyatt mended fences. Hope hired Wyatt back to Forrester, and Liam asked Wyatt to be his best man. In August, Wyatt marries Hope. What??? No one acts like that. It's completely unbelievable.  They would have all dumped each other by now (as fast as Carter dumped Maya!).

I do always love Charlie and Pam, and all the stuff with the jousting was great. More of that!! I never got to Medieval Times when I lived in SoCal but always wanted to.

Another stupid thing that happened. Now, Wyatt had to know a little bit about Deacon's criminal past.  So why is it that when he has his super-expensive diamond, and Deacon shows up, does he say, "Look at my diamond!"??? Serves him right if Deacon steals it.  And how does Wyatt even afford the security on that thing?  Ridiculous. I'm only a month behind now! Woo hoo!

Danielle and I have been hard at work, posting lots of news, info and spoilers on our Primetime TV Forum, so check it out!  That's primarily what I've been doing this week. I still have a few CW shows to post and then I'm done. Yay!

If you watch B&B or Y&R, we could use your help! We need someone write updates (detailed recaps) for Thursdays and Fridays on each of those shows. Please email me if you can volunteer to do even one day per week of either.
  • 9/4/14
I enjoyed "Hot in Cleveland" as's a silly show but always fun.

I finally finished watching "Criminal Minds" season 9 DVD today. It was good as always. I have to write up the review. I was surprised that the last episode wasn't more of a cliff-hanger.

This morning I had an interview with Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, who's starring in the new series "Red Band Society" on FOX (I also watched that show's pilot).  It was a real treat to speak with her, and she was very nice and funny. I have to write my review of that one, too.

  • 9/5/14

Last night I watched Monday's "Teen Wolf". I always love that show. Sometimes I find it confusing, with so many characters and the intricate mythology, but it's still fun, always. Although it is a really cool show with exciting action sequences, my favorite parts are the non-action moments where they have character development. Such as Scott with his girlfriend, or with his mom, or Stiles with his dad -- things like that.  These writers do such an amazing job. I don't know how they keep coming up with these new stories and make it all so fresh and exciting every week.  And then every week's episode ends with something shocking!

I had noticed that Shawn on GH used the phrase "Me and my boys" at the beginning of a sentence, which made me cringe because that's very bad grammar and he used to be a teacher. This has happened a lot on TV; especially the soaps. Characters who are supposed to be educated (it's particularly bad if it's a doctor or lawyer IMHO) speaking like they never went to college. I'm not saying going to college makes you perfect, but in speaking, most educated people don't say things like that because it would be embarrassing.  It's fine if Sonny or Carly speak like that because neither one is educated.  So I complained to GH headwriter Ron Carlivati on Twitter. He actually replied! I was so shocked. He said that it wasn't written that way (so apparently the actors change his lines, which is not a big shock). I apologized to him. I sure didn't mean to be callous in my comments! Actors, by the way, often haven't gone to college... it depends, some do and some don't.  Writers generally have, or at least they're very good with grammar and all that. What I guess I was thinking, though, was that on GH, the writing can be very bad (even stupid) and full of clich├ęs, so if he can write that kind of thing, then having a character speak poorly is not out of the realm of possibility.  We'll give him this round, though.

B&B and Y&R are not airing this week on Monday and Friday due to tennis....

I watched "Selfie"'s first episode on   Not a bad show! I love the actors on it, and it's pretty cute. It could be funnier, but let's hope it does get better. It had its moments. It's loosely based on "Pygmalion" (which is also what "My Fair Lady" was based on). You can also watch the first episode of "Forever" on there for free, and "A to Z" on Hulu. You can watch them right now instead of waiting until they air on TV!

Are you looking forward to all of the new shows coming up, and your favorites returning this Fall? I know I am! I'm going to have to sit down and figure out my DVR recording schedule for this season...

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Back to my stack of DVD's....hope you have a great weekend!