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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #143

  • Sunday 9/28

Which of the new shows do you like so far? Let us know!

I'm looking forward to the return this week of "Castle", "CSI", "Reign" and "Vampire Diaries!"

I liked last week's "Scorpion"... a whole nerd show, yay! I'll be checking out "Manhattan Love Story" and "Stalker" this week. We review all of the new shows on our site...

Weekends are the busiest time for me because starting on Friday, I gather all of the week's press releases and put them on our news page, and then I go through and find any appearances I notice, and then Gisele and I put those up on our site, and I also post spoilers to some pages, and I move last week's news to another page....and that all takes a few days. Also, when I have time, I also post to our daytime soap newsletters.

  • Monday 9/29

This morning I was on a conference call with Ben Browder to chat about his Syfy horror movie "Dead Still". The executive producer, and the writer/director were also on there. Unfortunately, I think there were some technical difficulties because the call was only 13 minutes long, and they said there were no more callers. I had queued up for a second question, and I know that at least one other press person did the same. That's a shame. Also, Ray Wise was supposed to be on the call, but he wasn't. I really would have liked to have asked more questions!  I love Ben Browder from his tome on "Farscape". He was also very good on "Stargate: SG1", and he did an amazing guest-starring role on "Doctor Who" as well. I was very surprised to learn that he's only a year younger than me! So he's 51. He sure doesn't look it.  These interviews will be posted on our Primetime Articles Page.

I haven't watched too much TV other than "General Hospital" and "Bold & The Beautiful". I did watch "The Intruders", which is good but still confuses me a little!

I might get to interview the current Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, next week, so that would be awesome!

I really enjoyed "Castle". They did a good job with picking up from the cliff-hanger and then turning into an interesting long-term story. So few shows do that.

  • Tuesday 9/30

I had an interview around 7 am with Stephen Nathan, executive producer of "Bones". That was very interesting in light of Sweets' death. I had some pretty good questions for him.  Then later, around 11, I had a call with DJ Qualls, who now stars in "Z Nation" on Syfy. He is very funny!  I was very tired for both conference calls but managed to just barely stay awake.

My husband is a huge baseball fan, so he was watching the playoffs game today... I don't really care that much about sports, though...

I watched last night's "Gotham", which was great. I wish they hadn't canceled "Almost Human", though. It would have been nice to see both shows on at the same time. They have a lot of similarities.

I also watched the new MTV show "Happyland". It was pretty good...reminded me more of something that would play on the ABC Family channel.

I enjoy the new show "Forever", but this week's show was week.  Abe running into the woman in the subway was too pat,  and the guy dying of TB looked way too healthy! The part at the end with the skate park was dumb. The other episodes have been good, so hopefully next week, it'll be back to being good.

  • Wednesday 10/1

I really didn't watch too much television today because we were busy....

  • Thursday 10/2

We watched "South Park", which was pretty funny, especially to me. It was all about eating gluten free. I'm very allergic to foods with gluten, so it was particularly hilarious to me. They also had a kid with diabetes, so that made me laugh all the more, since I'm also diabetic. In fact, a lot of the foods that have gluten are also ones that diabetics can't eat. I thought it was hilarious that they were planning to have a party in this kid's honor, serving pizza and cake! LOL!

I enjoyed watching the new romantic comedy "Manhattan Love Story". I thought it was pretty funny, for the most part.

  • Friday 10/3

Although I've stopped following the soaps religiously, I still sometimes watch GH. I'm anxious to see how Billy Miller fares as Jason. However, the episodes this week were truly stupid and worse, heavy-handed. There's just no subtlety at all in the stories.  The part where Jason's son, Danny, and then Sam, go into his room and hold his hand, were really contrived. Maybe if Sam had ever before shown any interest in helping other hospital patients, it would have worked, but otherwise it's just plain stupid.

I was really upset to learn that TNT canceled "Dallas". It was such a good show. I'm a bit behind watching last season, but I hear that it ended on a cliff-hanger. They should at least make a movie to tie up the loose ends! You can  tweet them or go to their Facebook page or email the PR person   Be polite!

We always watch "The Daily Show" and "Colbert Report" on Comedy Central because they're funny.  Jamie Oliver was on the latter, and I had to check out his cookbook's website. Looks good!

  • Saturday 10/4

Wow, can't believe that former "Saturday Night Live" comedians Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon are doing Hans and Frans again on a State Farm ad! 80's flashback time....

This week's Primetime News and schedule page is at  Next week's will be at

We always enjoy "Real Time with Bill Maher" on Fridays. It's funny as well as thought-provoking. This past week's! Wow!!

I enjoyed this week's "Doctor Who", although I thought Clara really over-reacted at The Doctor. I guess they have to lay the groundwork to her leaving the show...

I still watch "Intruders" but it's very dark and I don't always know what the heck is going on!

  • Sunday 10/5

Uh-oh, my DVR didn't record "The Good Wife" this week... I guess I better watch it On Demand!  Must be due to the football coming on beforehand.

Someone was asking me what shows I'm watching and enjoying now. You can read it here!

Earlier this week, I recorded Miss Marple "Endless Night". It was good, but the ending was disappointing and just a little too obvious. That guy that played Mike is so cute and what a good actor!

Hope you have a good week and enjoy all of the new shows!

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