Saturday, August 16, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #136

What shows are you watching in these hot, sultry Summer days? I hope you have good A/C. It sure helps out this time of year. I hope you're enjoying all of the Summer shows.

I've been catching up on "General Hospital". Yay!  I like the actors a lot--what a great cast!  I just wish they gave some of the characters more story, like Duke and Anna, and Kevin and Lucy.  This week I did catch up for a change. I thought the story with Maxie was really good. It was very unexpected that Levi was not really an Aussie and that the ICE agent was really his associate. I hope Mac doesn't die... but the other stories this week were awful. I don't like Sonny and Carly back together again. Been there, done that, many times over. Seems like Sonny and Olivia got over each other way too fast. I hate to see yet another one of Carly's relationships blow up (her and Franco).  The threesome episodes were silly but enjoyable. However, they wimped out in the end. It's 2014, do they really think we'll care if some guys have a threesome? I mean, it's daytime, so it's not like they're going to show that much, anyway.  If they show 2 guys kissing and taking their clothes off and then waking up in bed together the next day, so what if they show 3 guys doing the same? Anyone who would object to gay guys or threesomes would already not want to watch a show that has so many gay guys.  The rest of us who watch TV have already seen it happen on "Queer As Folk" or some other show or movie. They need to stop pandering to the elderly and the conservatives on soaps, especially if they want young people to start watching.  I thought it was especially dumb how they teased on Thursday that Milo might be interested in Felix and then on Friday we find out that it's Epiphany that he's into! It would have been stupid either way. Milo has never shown himself to be interested either in guys or old fat ladies.  He's had crushes on Lulu and Sabrina, so either he's bisexual or straight.  To have him suddenly be gay would be stupid and against the character's history.  And then, of course, there's no way he would be interested in Epiphany. Come on. That doesn't happen in real life. Young, hot guys don't suddenly decide they're in love with old fat ladies. Give me a break. I know that soaps are fantasy and target women, but that is completely stupid and unrealistic.  I love Epiphany, but come on!  Set her up with someone more realistic. Even Milo's brother, Max, would have made more sense, since he's older and, shall we say, heftier. The whole thing is stupid and contrived.  Set her up with Kevin - he could use somebody right now.

I'm way behind on "Bold & Beautiful" but I think I saw that Wyatt and Hope got married?? That's so stupid. The writing is so bad. No one would ping-pong between two men like that. It makes them all look bad. It's Brooke and Ridge all over again. Wasn't it bad enough the first time? Yuk.

I've been watching the first season of "Cedar Cove" on DVD this week. Good show. If you like old-fashioned dramas (soaps) with very little sex or action, this is for you. It's very real and reminds me of some shows like "Men in Trees" or "Picket Fences" but less over-the-top or silly than both of those shows.  It airs on the Hallmark Channel and it's like one of their movies. I love Dylan Neal, who stars in it. He's been on lots of soaps and other shows I like, such as "Smallville" and "Arrow". I'm glad to see him get a good role. The other actors on there are pretty good looking, too, and I enjoy seeing Bruce Boxleitner again!

I had two great interviews this week, one with Keenan Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters of NBC's "Last Comic Standing" and one with Eric McCormack of "Perception" on TNT.  It was great to speak with all of them. I've interviewed McCormack before, but it's still a thrill, and I love his show.  I updated our Interviews page and added tons of them that we've done in the past few months. Sorry for falling so behind on those!  Sometimes there are just more than I can handle. I suddenly realized there are about 4 others I don't have the transcripts for, so I'm waiting for the networks to send them to me.  Also, we have about 3 others that need transcribing (one-on-one interviews I've done; although the recordings are up already).

This coming week's News page is at   I'm ahead on it for a change and it's all ready for the week. See what's on TV this week and plan your watching or DVRing.  Lots of re-runs, that's for sure! Thank goodness for the cable shows.

I'm very glad to see the return of "Dallas" and "Franklin & Bash"! Yay!!

I was surprised that there were no new episodes of "The Daily Show" or "The Colbert Report" this week or next, just re-runs and pre-emptions. Bummer!  Where will I get my political laughs without those shows and no "Real Time", either? Tsk tsk.

There were a lot of sad TV deaths this past week, and I know lots of people who are depressed about it. Charles Keating, Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall and others... Well, you know what, most of them had great long lives, with lots of money and fame, and they led their lives pretty much the way they wanted to. Also, you don't really know any of them, so don't let it get you down. Yes, it's sad, but you have your own lives. Look at what's good in it and what you have, and what we all have.   Focus on the positive things!  Watch some good, uplifting TV shows to get you in a better place.

Have a great week!

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