Saturday, June 28, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #129

I didn't watch too much TV this week... I guess in summer, I fall behind because there are so many other things to do besides watch TV, and there are fewer regular programs that I watch.  My DVR is filling up, though. I need to start watching more, especially the soaps.

Speaking of the soaps, I was thrilled to see that James Read is now on "Days of Our Lives". He starred in one of my favorite miniseries, "North and South", back in the 80's with Patrick Swayze. He was also in "Remington Steele", and then most recently was the dad on "Charmed".  Love him! He's still very handsome.

I was already regularly watching Longmire, Beauty & The Beast, Major Crimes, Hot in Cleveland, Perception, Rizzoli & Isles and Murder in the First. Now I'm also watching Dominion, Defiance and Teen Wolf. Plus the soaps, of course.

I've got a bunch of interview transcripts to put up still (hopefully tomorrow) and then I have one more I need to transcribe. On Monday, I have two more interviews. One is with Diane Kruger, who stars as Sonya in "The Bridge". She's so great. Then I have a one-on-one interview with Cynthia Stevenson, who's starring in the Lifetime movie "Killing Daddy", along with Elizabeth Gillies and Billy R. Moses. I've enjoyed Cynthia's work for many years, especially in "Dead Like Me" and "Men in Trees", but also earlier in "Hope & Gloria" and "Oh Baby".

We really need someone to write Y&R updates for our site 2 or 3 days per week so please email me at if you can help out! You must be a regular Young & The Restless watcher and be able to write passably well with detail and be understandable, and be able to proofread it before you send it to us.  And no stealing from other sites!

We have a volunteer on our site named Thane who is become famous as we speak. Thane has done quite a bit of coding for our site and helped me out on many occasions. He has started doing a stand-up act, and I think he'll be really successful (he's already headed that way).  His "gimmick" is that he's in a wheelchair and can't speak, so he uses an automated voice. He's also gay, from New Zealand and very outrageous. Honestly, he's hilarious. He's also got a very funny blog. Here's a video of his act if you want to check him out.  Be warned, it has some 4 letter words.

I can't believe it's almost July already. Where does the time go? Before you know it, it'll be the new Fall TV season again!

I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed lately... I've just been so busy and there's always too much to do!  We have a lot of volunteer jobs available if you want to help out!

Have a great week and watch lots of TV....

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