Saturday, July 12, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #131

I hope everyone had a nice Fourth of July! Are you the type of person who likes to watch fireworks on TV, or only in person? Or do you not like them at all? I'm the second...

I haven't been watching too much TV because we're been super busy going out with friends and having company.  I did watch some of my usual summer shows like Longmire, Beauty & The Beast, Hot in Cleveland, Teen Wolf, Royal Pains, Major Crimes et. al.

I apologize - I even got behind on running the soap opera transcripts for the site (and everything else). I'm slowly catching up.

I still don't like that they made Gabe on "Beauty & The Beast" a bad guy...but now they've killed him. Even worse. Boo!! Glad that everyone else seems to have survived, though.

We could really use another writer for Y&R updates. Please email me if you can help out even one day per week! Thanks!

We went to see "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and loved it. It has many actors in it that are also on TV shows recently, such as Anna Paquin (from "True Blood"), Patrick Stewart (from "Star Trek: The Next Generation"), Halle Barry (the new CBS show "Extant"), Peter Dinklage ("Game of Thrones"), Evan Peters ("American Horror Story"), Shawn Ashmore ("The Following"), Ian McKellen ("Vicious"), Kelsey Grammar ("Boss") and James Marsden ("30 Rock").  Great movie!!

With my good friend Barbara visiting, I find that she's very different from me in how she watches TV and movies, even though we like a lot of the same stuff. She can watch occasional episodes of TV shows, or some movies in a series, whereas I can't do that. I have to watch all of the episodes or all of the movies. I can't bear to miss some. That would drive me crazy.

Having been so busy lately, out doing stuff with friends, I can see why some people might feel that if you watch a lot of TV that you don't have a life. It's hard to find time for both, and if you spend a lot of time watching TV, then you're not doing other things that might be more healthy, productive, or social. But I do love watching TV and movies, so it's a hard choice to make. I also do enjoy going out, singing at karaoke and with my band, hanging out with friends, etc. Nowadays everyone seems so busy. It's no wonder that TV doesn't seem as popular as it used to be.

Watch lots of TV! Ignore your friends! Or watch WITH your friends!

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