Sunday, June 6, 2010

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #82

Yikes, I can't believe it has been almost 4 months since I posted! So sorry.

In my defense, we are moving soon, so I've had a lot to do!

I have been putting the new design up on our pages. It is tedious work but has to be done. I am starting with current shows. I just finished Bold & Beautiful and have started on Days of Our Lives. Then later I will come back and finish the shows that are no longer on the air, and all the sub-pages.

There is always too much to do! We have about 50 volunteers on our site, so they work hard every day.

Recently I added a lot of pages for current primetime TV shows. So far most of them just have one single page, but I am gradually adding more. I hope you enjoy them!

Lately I have been watching the soaps a little more. I had to take a break from them for a while. I just had too much primetime to watch and not enough time for everything. I'm sure every TV fan feels the same way.

I have seen a few episodes of All My Children, One Life to Live, Bold & Beautiful, and Young & The Restless. They are ok. My favorite is still General Hospital. God knows why! :) I do love Dante, though. Most of them I have watched so I can write updates for our site, General Hospital I have just been watching for fun.

It's sad that the daytime soaps are dying. I mean, all of TV is not doing so well, except maybe cable. If only they would get better and more creative writers, I think they could really save the soaps, or at least some of them. In fact, if one of the networks were smart, they would wait until almost all of the soaps were dead and then come out with a brand new one that totally breaks the mold and is innovative, fun, and great, yet still has the things we like about soaps. All of the soap fans longing for their old soaps would probably love it.

We really need more updates writers for the shows...I have been lazy about posting for more help, too. I need to get on that! I sure can't write them all myself.

Some of my favorite shows had their characters all break up at the end of the season. They are similar shows: Bones, Castle and The Mentalist. Too sad!

I really didn't like the CSI season finale. I hope that Ray survives. It was a very good episode, though. I just don't think he would have turned his back on the guy, that close to the bars...he's not stupid!

CSI Miami has been great this season. I wasn't really surprised, though, that the Stetler guy was the thief (was ANYONE surprised by that??). The most shocking ending, though, came from CSI: NY. I sure hope they don't kill off either Danny or Lindsay.

Criminal Minds also had a shocker of an ending. They created some great characters, which seemed like a good episode for a spin-off, then they killed one of them off! Eric Close is great, so I hated to see that. If they make him survive somehow, it will be kind of unbelievable since he was shot point blank. Tim Curry was awesome as always. I hope Eric Close gets a new show to star in. I miss him!

I am very bummed that they canceled some of my favorite shows, especially Heroes and FlashForward. Heroes was flawed, but I still always enjoyed it. The CW should buy it and pair it with Smallville. That would be awesome. I wish they hadn't canceled Trauma, Cold Case, Numb3rs, and the forgotten, either. Dollhouse they canceled a ways back, but that one was most heart-breaking for me. Great show. Too good for TV, I guess. They should have put it on FX instead of FOX. They could have been a lot more daring on there with it.

I was really shocked that they canceled Ghost Whisperer but kept Medium. Grateful, though. I think some of these cancellations have to do with big salaries, but who knows.

Now they have a Summer TV season, which is great for us TV addicts. USA is showing Burn Notice and Royal Pains again, and they have a bunch of other new shows coming up as well. Drop Dead Diva returned tonight on Lifetime. I didn't use to watch that, but I have been catching up with it online. It's a great show, especially for women. Fun legal comedy/fantasy, a little like Ally McBeal.

Doctor Who is back, with a new doctor. I still watch and enjoy the show, but the writing is not as good as it was, and I don't like the new doctor nearly as much as David Tennant. He was awesomely good.

I can't wait for the return of True Blood and Mad Men!

I am still catching up on many primetime shows from this spring, including Glee, Flashforward, V, Vampire Diaries and much more.

Stargate Universe has been great! A much better show than it started out to be.

Enjoy your summer, but don't forget to check out all the great new shows!

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