Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #81

Our site really needs more volunteers! Please email me if you are interested in helping out. It used to be much easier to get them...I don't know why! No help is too small...as long as you are polite and reliable :)

We have a lot of great news, interviews, recaps...so much stuff I can't even begin to mention it. You can see the latest on our What's New page. We list the past week or so on there.

I have been putting our new design on our All My Children Pages. Almost finished with that section!

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Lately has been crazy, I've had like 4-5 TV celebrity interviews every week. That is not normal for me. It's been so great! I was so nervous last week when I got to interview Ben McKenzie, who stars in Southland. He also starred on The OC and is of course so gorgeous! Southland is an awesome show on TNT. It was on NBC last spring and they did renew it...but then when they decided to put on five nights of Jay Leno (what a great idea that was!), they canceled it, even though they had already produced 6 new episodes. Luckily, TNT grabbed it and are showing them. Watch it and you won't be sorry. It's a very realistic and exciting cop show. Ben was very nice, so quiet and not at all conceited.

We have had the interviews through FOX for a while, but now I'm getting them from a lot of the cable nets as well, and a few from CBS, and possible one this week from ABC...cross your fingers for me! This week I get to speak with Simon from American Idol. What should I ask? I have no clue. Also the creators of Burn Notice and White Notice, and possibly two of the contestants from The Bachlor. So exciting!

The nets also send me tons of news in email, plus I get some from their sites. I have been trying to be good about remembering to put them up right away and also sending them to Danielle to put up on our Primetime Forum. She puts up the full story, and I just put a blurb on our news page and then link to the forum. She puts tons and tons of other TV news on there as well.

Juanita has been tireless in putting up screencaps for each of our daytime soaps. It is really easy to do but she needs more help!

Carrie has been really good about writing our 24 recaps for this season!

All of our writers are awesome. We just need more!

I was out of town last week, so when we got home on Sunday, I had to catch up on watching my primetime shows. So many great shows last week. CSI: New York had a bunch of good guest stars, many from soaps like Antonio Sabato Jr. It was racetrack-theme, so Danica Patrick was also a guest-star. She's about as good of an actress as she is a driver. It was fun seeing Stella and Mac in cars at the end!

Of course Supernatural is one of my favorite shows, and it was so good...I love it when Dean was faced with Famine and he said, "So basically you just make people coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs?" LOL. Even when the show is at its darkest, they always make good jokes. I don't like episodes where someone is eating in a gross way, though, and this episode had lots of that!

The Mentalist - awesome as ever. Great to see Cho go all Rambo on everyone.

Smallville is just on fire this year. This week's episode was no different. Nice to see Chloe having a good time, poor, sweet, Chloe. Then she gets her heart crushed again. That kid they cast as the adult version of the superhero was great. He was kind of cute and also creepy, reminded me of that guy Charlie X on Star Trek years ago. So cool that Clark got his costumed designed at the end. Maybe they will use it regularly next year!! Please please please! And flying!

And yes, both Supernatural and Smallville will be back next year, so I am in BLISS!

Family Guy was so hilarious this past Sunday...it still shocks me some of the things they say on there...but of course it also makes me laugh. American Dad is always so-so (but we did laugh at the Canadian/Mexican accent on the Stan Cyborg). We stopped watching the Cleveland Show, it just wasn't funny. Simpsons is okay...

I have so many other shows to catch up on, like Past Life on FOX!

Until next time!

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