Thursday, May 22, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #124

  • Thursday 5/16
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I'm back to watching "The Americans", keeping up on that great show...

Looks like most of the shows are having their season finales soon if not already. Then I won't have to worry so much about my DVR filling up. Which is good!

  • Friday 5/17

The only show we ever watch now on Fridays is "Real Time with Bill Maher". I'll be glad when "Haven" comes back! I do record "Continuum" on the DVR in the other room, but I'm way behind on watching it.

Then of course, Saturday, there's nothing on except for "Orphan Black" which I also record on the other DVR.  When is "Doctor Who" returning? Okay, I checked and they're saying it's early Autumn. I hope that's true!

  • Saturday 5/18

I've just been watching soaps and not much else... I have a ton of other shows to watch but I'm just been either really busy or kind of sick. I've got a huge stack of DVD's to watch and review, too. I will definitely have a lot to put up next week.

  • Sunday 5/19

The season finale of "The Mentalist" was great. Best one ever. If they had canceled the show, that would have been a fabulous ending.

I'm behind on watching "Revenge", but I heard they killed off Aiden. That's too bad, but I guess it makes sense that just about everyone on the show is expendable. I hope Jack isn't, but you just never know. I would hope that Jack, Victoria, and of course Emily/Amanda are the ones that MUST be on the show (and of course I hope they keep Nolan as well). I read that the actor who plays Aiden is on a new show this Fall. Great!!

"Mad Men" was very good. It's great to see Don climbing his way back up to the top. Not sure I want to see him get romantically involved with Peggy, though. We couldn't tell for sure from their dance whether it was romantic or just a father-daughter sort of thing.

  • Monday 5/20

I didn't get a chance to send out this week's soap scoops...just didn't work out. I've been sick a lot this week. So far behind! I will definitely have them next Sunday night.

I hope you all are watching "Louie" on FX because this season's episodes are the best I've seen. They're very sharp and funny.  I don't think I watched anything on Monday... I had already seen the "24" episode the previous week on the FOX media site. It's been really good so far!

  • Tuesday 5/21

I finally got through the Nurse's Ball episodes on "General Hospital". It was generally good, but there were a few things I didn't like. I didn't like that Epiphany stomped all over Mac's doll. That seemed mean and unnecessarily cruel, even for her (especially at Mac, who's such a nice guy, and at a charity event). They could have done something much more creative, like have Epiphany apologize later and say she was drinking too much. Or Mac threatens to have her arrested for destroying his property. Or the doll shows up mysteriously demolished, and Mac has to play detective and figure out who whodunnit. Any of that would have worked better.

I also didn't like how they teased John Stamos. I thought it was really dumb that the adults let Spencer interrupt Cameron and Emma's tango for his own thing.  The whole idea of why some elementary school kids would even know who Player is, let alone want to listen to them sing, is stupid. (I did enjoy seeing Ronn Moss and hearing Player, though. They should make him a regular character) I loved Obrecht and it made no sense that at least SOME of the people in the audience wouldn't clap for her, not knowing who she was.  It's not a very good fund raiser if the only people who attend are hospital personnel, Sonny and a few Quartermaines!  They should go back to having it in what looks like a big ballroom. This was too tiny and cramped. Like having it in someone's house. I know they're trying to keep it low-budget, but geez... I didn't mind the Yoplait sponsorship in general, but having the characters eat it and talk about how good it was, was not good - too obvious and awkward. Also, they should only let GH cast, past or present, perform at the ball, and not let in ringers, especially people we've never heard of. And finally, how about some acts that weren't singing and dancing? Besides Mac's, I mean. How about some tap dancing, or ballroom, or juggling, or stand-up comedy etc.? I did enjoy it, though, aside from those things.

The only show on tonight that I watch regularly was "Supernatural". Awesome show and it was a great season finale. The only thing I was wondering, was, why didn't the MOMENT Castiel get free of Metatron, he jump down to Dean with one of his angel friends and heal him? That didn't make sense to me. He just takes Metatron's word that Dean is dead and doesn't rush to save him?  Great shocker ending, though.

  • Wednesday 5/22

I've got 2 conference calls this morning, one with Allison Tolman of "Fargo" and one with people from the Hallmark movie "The Color of Rain", including the stars Lacey Chabert and Warren Christie, as well as the book's authors and the movie's executive producer. Should be interesting!

Unfortunately, my "alarm" (my husband, David) didn't wake me up in time for the first call! But the second one went fine. I mostly talked to the two authors. One of the problems with these calls is that it's much more interesting, usually, to talk to the show's writers and/or producers because they can tell you about the creation of the show and what kind of thought went into writing it, etc. and that's much easier to come up with a question for. On the other hand, I'd much rather speak to actors, especially when they're my favorites. They usually just know about their own character or their own acting, so it's a lot harder to come up with interesting questions. Especially when it's a one-time movie or guest-starring role. There's only so much to say, and they can't give spoilers, either.

I guess a lot of GH fans are annoyed with Carly and Franco being together. It sure doesn't make a lot of sense that they're together. Then again, Carly is kind of like Alexis in that she tends to be attracted to "bad boys" like Sonny, Lorenzo, Johnny et al. Still, it does seem pretty unrealistic how fast she was willing to forgive him for all of the terrible stuff he did. I mean, I can see forgiving him, but then sleeping with him is a different matter entirely.  I guess they only care about the chemistry between the two actors. Frankly, I've never been a big fan of Carly as a character. I think Laura Wright did a great job on "Guiding Light" and "Loving", but I don't think her Carly is sympathetic enough. She comes over as too hard and unlikable. The previous Carlys, especially Sarah Brown and Tamara Braun, were better, IMHO. I'd much rather see Todd and Blair on my TV than Franco and Carly, any day.

All of the TV shows are winding down. Tonight the only new shows I'm watching are Law & Order: SVU and The 100.  SVU was great. Super ending. Another one that, if they had canceled the show, it would have been an okay series finale. It was great to see Munch again! I'm glad they didn't have the usual cliff hanger, and I'm very glad Olivia got a baby. I decided to wait until tomorrow to watch "The 100".

I need to try to get to bed early because I have a long interview to transcribe tomorrow, among other things.

Hope you have a great week! I'm busy getting ready to go out of town Friday for a week, but don't worry, I'll still have my laptop, still blog and all that.  I can't run the soap transcripts while I'm gone, but I'll do them as soon as I get back in June.

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