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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #119

  • April 13

Do you love TV and watch DVD's or streaming shows?  I'm trying to get more help for our site. We always need new volunteers! If you're interested in writing an episode guide for any of the shows we cover, let me know! It's not hard. You just watch the show and write a detailed summary. You do need to be at least a competent writer because we don't have too many proofreaders and people have to be understand what you're writing. I will buy you the TV show on DVD, or a subscription to Hulu or Netflix, whatever you need to watch it. If you already have it, then I'm happy to buy you another show or movie. Our volunteers are not paid, but I'm happy to help out with gifts and things when I can. I can buy one per month! So email me if you're interested.

One of our General Hospital Update writers is quitting at the end of April, and another one is having some surgery. We need someone to write GH updates for two or three times a week. It's not hard, but it does help if you're a good writer and fast typist. We also need a backup person for Bold & Beautiful Updates and Young & The Restless Updates. One of our writers has had health and computer problems, and another one goes out of town a lot for doctor visits.

I'm excited that Danielle is coming back to our run our Primetime TV forum! Yay! She always does a great job, and it'll free me up to do other things.  Woo hoo!

I watched a lot of "GH" and "B&B" this week on my DVR... we watched "Family Guy" as always, plus the season premiere of "Mad Men", and then I watched "Once Upon a Time" and "The Mentalist". I put "Turn" on my DVR, but for some reason, it didn't record.

I wonder if Sunday is when most people watch TV? Because it sure seems like they put a ton of the best shows on at once on Sundays. I'm glad I don't watch "Game of Thrones", too. It's just too hard. I record the shows above and usually also "The Simpsons" on my living room DVR, then in the other room I also record "Revenge" and "Drop Dead Diva" and now "Bletchley Circle" on PBS (I think a couple of other shows, too). Since I missed "Turn", I'm recording it off the On Demand channel.

"Family Guy" was pretty funny.  "Mad Men" was kind of slow...it was nice to see what happened to almost everyone (where's Harry and Betty?!?!) but it wasn't very funny or all that interesting.  There was a lot of symbolism, but who cares? 

It's always great to watch the other two shows. I hope we get to see more of Rumplestiltskin soon.

I spent a lot of time working on our usual Primetime News Pages and the star appearances.

  • April 14

I got up late but wrote up the soap scoops, anyway... I felt bad that I didn't do them last week!

We have this monthly drawing and some crazy, obnoxious woman won, and she keeps bugging me about when I'll send her the prize, even though I keep telling her I'll send it when I can. I have 2 prize winners every month and I'm really busy, so I don't always get a chance to get to the post office. I tried being nice, but she's just rude...So glad that most people that email me are very nice!!  Don't forget to enter our April drawing before the 25th!

We watched "The Simpsons" tonight from On Demand. It was really good for a change! Almost like they combined it with "Futurama". I sure enjoyed it.

Now I'm catching up on some episodes of "Criminal Minds". I've got most of the season on DVD from the other room's DVR, but I missed a couple of episodes. They re-ran one so I'm watching that, and then I'll watch one on Amazon Prime. They always do a good job with the show, and of course I love Shemar and the other actors!
  • April 15

This week I watched the DVD for the 4th season of "Enterprise" so I can write up the review for our site.  It was really fun and reminded me of the original "Star Trek". They did a great job with it. The ending was a bit sad, though.  I need to go back and watch the first 3 seasons, too. I watch some of it but all.  In the past, when I would record stuff on tape, I had it set up so I would record multiple shows, and some of them I never got around to going back to watch because I was just too far behind.

I had to take some time to organize my DVD's this week so I would know which episodes of the shows I'm missing and which I have, all that sort of thing. I hate watching shows out of order.  Whew! So much trouble just for "watching TV". LOL!  This is one problem with TV today -- too serialized, and if you miss an episode or watch out of order, it can get confusing. So people stop watching.

I loved "Supernatural" this week as always. It was a very cool episode. It had Dean in the shower a lot, which is always preferably... For some reason, the cast of the show was tweeting about it with William Shatner. Not sure why he was involved...I guess he's a fan? He seems to tweet about all of The CW shows. What's that about?

I watched the new show "Friends with Better Lives" and despite it's dumb title, it's pretty funny. I will have to keep watching. Most sitcoms are lame, stupid or not funny. To me, at least!

  • April 16

Mostly this week I've just been working on the site, and watching the soaps, and the Enterprise DVD.

I've also been reading this book "The TV Showrunner's Roadmap" by Neil Landau. It's all about how to make a TV show. Very interesting reading. It's like a textbook for anyone looking to get into TV as a writer, director or showrunner. Very eye-opening.

Please consider doing one of our Volunteer jobs. Most of them don't require more than a few hours per week of your time. Most don't require great skill or knowledge.  We're very happy to give gifts to our volunteers at the end of the year, and I think this year should be especially good. However, the best reason to help out is that we need you!  We're very grateful for all of our great volunteers. We currently have about 30 wonderful, hard-working volunteers.

  • April 17

I always love the scifi shows, so it's great to have shows like Continuum, Warehouse 13 and Orphan Black back.

Still waiting to hear which shows will be canceled. This is a good list of predictions.  Even though it says October, it's current... I think they have a more positive outlook on the shows and their status than Zap2it does, but I have no idea which is more accurate.  TVLINE seems to think that it can go either way as to whether "The Mentalist" will be canceled, whereas Zap2it seemed indicate it was probably canceled, so who knows what to believe!!??!

It was a funny "Hot in Cleveland" this week. Loved seeing Susan Lucci!!

  • April 18

I got to interview a very funny and kind lady this morning, Jenn Lyon! She plays the sitcom wife of George Lopez of "Saint George" on FX. She also played last year's Lindsey on "Justified"! It was a very fun call.
This one and the one I did last week with Costa Ronin of "The Americans" were both one-on-one calls. I hope to put up their interviews in a day or so. Sorry it's taken so long! Just so much to do. I'm hoping that this week I can start working on the 2500 emails in my inbox. :(

Next week I'm going to be interviewing Colin Hanks! Can't wait. So cool. He's awesome in this new "Fargo" miniseries on FX. He was great on "Dexter" and "NCIS", too. I always thought he was Tom Hanks' younger brother, but he's his son! Silly me :) I'm over 50, but I tend to think of myself, and anyone who was on TV, as young, even though they're older now. I still think of Tom Hanks as that guy from "Bosom Buddies" in the early 80's, even though I've seen him in a zillion movies and watched him get older just like the rest of the world.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter, Passover and the rest! I hope you're having nice Spring weather, too.

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