Monday, March 31, 2014

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #117

I must apologize because last week I inadvertently published my PERSONAL blog post here... I must have been really tired! :)

  • March 30

I usually spend all week copying the press release from the various web sites and pasting them into our Primetime TV Forum
Then I paste them into a notepad page for each network. Then I put them on the next week's news page. This week's page was at and next week's will be at  They're always numbered by the date.
Usually I do that last part on Saturday, but sometimes I just get busy or forget, and then I have to do it late, on Sunday, like I did this week! Yikes. Then I'm scrambling around, trying to get everything done.  So I did a lot of that today.

As usual on Sundays, we watched "Family Guy". It was okay. We skipped "The Simpsons". It just hasn't been very funny lately so we gave up on it.  Then later I watched "The Mentalist" and "Once Upon a Time". I always enjoyed "The Mentalist". No matter what, it makes me smile and chuckle and get involved in the stories. I don't know why it's ratings are so poor, unless people just got tired of waiting for them to catch Red John? I've really enjoyed it all the way through. I know that some people haven't liked the way they got rid of the CBI and had the characters join the FBI (I admit that was pretty far-fetched). Still, I love the way this show is written, and I love the characters.  I always love "Once Upon a Time", too, but this episode was too sad. I'm glad they brought back Rumplestiltskin, my favorite character, but not happy that they had to kill off his son to do it (he's my second-favorite character!).  Boo, hiss!! I loved it when MichaelRaymond-James showed up last season. He was so great on his two previous shows, "True Blood" and especially "Terriers". I was so upset when they canceled "Terriers", and now this. Boo!!!

Now I'm watching some of the soaps from February that I'm behind on (mostly "Bold & Beautiful" and "General Hospital"), to clear them off my DVR.  I can't say I really love either show...

No conference calls early tomorrow, thank goodness! I was invited to 3 on Wednesday, but hopefully I have other volunteers covering those now... I'm hoping to interview Graham Yost of "Justified" and the others will interview Keith Urban of "American Idol" and Simony Barry and Rachel Nichols of "Continuum"!  Then the following Wednesday, I get to interview Billy Bob Thornton! He'll be starring in "Fargo" on FX. That should be thrilling!

  • March 31

I spent my morning working on the soap scoop newsletters and sending those out, and posting them to our forums. I also updated a few pages on the site and posted on Twitter and Facebook. Work work work! :)

I've been watching soaps while I did all that. I'm in February still with most of the soaps, although "Young & The Restless" a bit further behind (still in January I think). I really hate how they're having Robin leave again on GH. It makes no sense that she couldn't fly back and forth or have her family with her, or have them visit. Stupid! And I have to agree with Carolyn Hinsley that all of the soaps were pretty boring and un-romantic on Valentine's Day and around that time. The soaps need to do two things to bring back viewers: have more interesting (unpredictable, but not stupid) and realistic stories (no more soap cliches of coming back from the dead, evil twins, baby switches, ridiculous coincidences, etc.), and bring back lots of romance. Otherwise, why bother? Just cancel them all now. They really underestimate soap fans and think we'll watch any old rehashed crap. It's very sad. Don't they get that we're the same people that also watch the wonderful soapy dramas on primetime? We know what good writing is. Look at Good Wife, Vampire Diaries, and many other great shows.

This evening we watched "Real Time with Bill Maher" on HBO. I record it on my DVR Friday nights. We just love his monologue and the "Real Time" segment, which are usually pretty funny.  Now I'm watching "Bones", which is always enjoyable because of the colorful characters and fun cases. Poor Finn, though!

"Castle" was another re-run. They sure show a lot of those lately...

I was behind a bit on "Justified", so I had fun catching up tonight on "On Demand" with the last few episodes. Such a great show. Every episode is a pure gem. I sure wish all shows were like that one.

I also watched the next episode of "The Americans", which FX sent to me. It's a really good show, too, but this week's episode is really weird, and kinda gross. I don't understand the ending at all, either.

No "Supernatural" this week? UGH, that's disappointing...

I had trouble sleeping, so I got up and started watching "Magic Mike". It was so boring. I only sat through a little bit of it before going back to bed. I didn't realize it was a Soderburgh film. I don't like his... Also, I thought Matt Bomer had a larger part that he did, so I was disappointed. That guy Channing Tatum is a good dancer and all, but he's too bland to me.

  • April 1

I watched some of the B&B and GH from February. Later I watched NCIS, which was pretty good. It was the second half of the two part pilot for the new spin-off of New Orleans. I don't know yet if I will watch that one. I do love Scott Bakula.

Then I ran the transcripts... I saw parts of the GH 51st anniversary episode. I really hate that they've killed off AJ again. First of all, I didn't like the way Ava manipulated Sonny into shooting AJ, and I find it hard to believe that Sonny would do that to Michael. But most importantly, shame on the writers for killing off one of the last remaining Quartermaines. I did like how they focused on Monica and brought back Emily, with a nod toward Lila, Edward and Alan. I liked what they did with the three Carly's, too, although it was kind of contrived. I would have liked to have seen more of Luke, Anna and other favorites, but it was great seeing Scotty, Bobbie, Lucy, Kevin, Mac and Felicia!

I was watching the sitcom "About a Boy" On Demand last night. It's not all that funny, but it's amiable and fun to watch.

  • April 2

I was supposed to do this interview this morning but went back to sleep instead... actually, I was filling in for a volunteer who was supposed to do it. It was way too early for me. I have one tomorrow that I don't want to miss and it's even earlier. GROAN. That's the only problem with living in Hawaii because calls that are at a normal time on the mainland are super early here. I'm not a morning person, although I'm trying to change that.

I've been watching B&B and GH so far today, to make room on my DVR. I mostly enjoy GH... B&B is just the same stuff over and over, so it's not so interesting.

I think the TV networks need to make more shows that are non-serialized, like they used to. I mean, sure, it's great for them if they have a successful one like Lost where people watch every week, but how many of those shows can you sustain? Not many, I don't think, so people fall behind or lose interest. I like this new show "Crisis" but I don't think it's going to last very long. Like so many others this past season, like Betrayal, Hostages etc. it just requires too much commitment. If you look at CSI and shows like that, you can watch them any time and you don't have to worry about what you missed. Or even if you look at NCIS, the main characters have some stories and history but it's not pivotal, usually, if you miss an episode or view them out of order.

I took a little time tonight to email each of the major networks to let them know which shows I watch and which ones I'm particularly invested in, and asked them not to cancel them! It may sound silly, but I do this every year. They do read viewers' letters and emails. It may not help; I don't know. It does at least make me feel like I tried. I'm most concerned about The Mentalist on ABC, Almost Human on FOX, the scifi and fantasy shows on The CW, and Revolution and Dracula on NBC. There are a few others I like, too, but those are the main ones. You can write ABC an email by going to this page ; CBS by going to ; The CW by going to ; NBC by going to ; and you can just email FOX (Wow!) by emailing them at   And by the way, you can ask FOX questions at that address, too. They are very good at answering and always have been.

I have 2 DVR's and the one here in the living room drives me crazy. It has a lot less room than the one in the bedroom, and I'm always filling it up. What's irritating is that when it gets about 95% full, it says that it's all filled up, even though it has a couple of hours left on it at that point. It brings up a little blurb that tells me that, and I used to panic when I see the little blurb. Another thing. I was going to watch a half hour show On Demand, and it told me I couldn't do that because it would mean switching the channel away from 2 shows I was recording, even though they weren't recording for 20-something minutes! It has no concept of "watch a little now and a little later", I guess. So in order to watch the On Demand show, I had to cancel one of my recordings. I went back to re-record it and then it told me I couldn't record it because I had no room! Grrrr....

This week I also watched NCIS, which is always entertaining. And then tonight I saw Law & Order: SVU and CSI as well. CSI was a really good episode with a hostage situation, and Billy Miller guest-starred so it was cool to see him.

Law & Order SVU was tough to watch.  There are some legal things there they promoted that I kind of have trouble with, but I'm not going to go on and on about it...

  • April 3

This morning I had a great conference call with Graham Yost, who runs and writes "Justified" on FX. He was really funny and interesting. I love that show! I also had one with the stars of "Bitten" on SYFY but for some reason I kept thinking it was tomorrow so I totally forgot to go to it. What a dummy! Oh, well, I'm way behind on watching it, anyway.

I watched quite a lot of GH today to make more room on my DVR. I have over 50 DVD's to watch besides that!

Although I'm behind on watching the soaps, I see parts of them on the TV while I run the transcripts. There were some great scenes this week where Ridge and Rick were fighting. It was Déjà vu because Thorsten Kaye is playing Ridge and Jacob Young is back as Rick. I remember when they used to argue on "All My Children", so I kept expecting Ridge to call him "Junior" the way Zach did. So funny. I wish they would bring on Michael E. Knight (Tad), though. I really miss him.  Especially now that Cady is going to be on Y&R, I have to say that he's the one I miss the most now from AMC. I also miss a few others but he's the most missed.

I enjoyed watching "Big Bang Theory" and "Two and a Half Men" as usual!! They're always funny.

  • April 4

This morning I'm speaking with the stars of "Warehouse 13". I love that show!  So sad that it's almost over. The call is rough because we all know it's the last one and they're so nice, and funny. For them the show's already over so it's extra sad.  They sent us the next 4 episodes, and then there's just 2 more after that. They're great episodes, too.

Later on, I watched last week's "Justified" and also next week's (the season finale, which airs on Tuesday). It was quite fabulous. I just love this show so much that I can't even explain it. It's riveting. I can't watch anything else while these characters are on the screen. I love them all, even the awful ones. And the best one is Raylan, of course. He's just so wonderful. SIGH :) Next year I'll be even more sad around this time, about the end of "Justified". I can't even think of it right now.  I ordered all of the show's DVD's so I can review them for the site and re-watch them all.

There's this interesting thing going on in L.A. in May. Instead of the usual science fiction convention, they're doing one-act scifi plays, starring many popular actors who've appeared in scifi shows and movies.

I was just reading this interesting article in Soap Opera Digest. This guy, Jeff Giles, interviewed lots of people who had been connected with "One Life to Live" and wrote a book about it (I need to read that book!). He mentions in the article that he didn't get to interview either of the actors that played Todd, and he implied that Trevor St. John was not polite about it when he turned him down (although Roger Howarth was). Wow! That's a shame. Sounds like he's kind of a jerk. Too bad. I liked both of them...

I'm catching up on the DVD's the PR people have sent me to review. I watched the latest episode of the show "Pioneers of Television" from PBS, which is all about stand-up comedians who went on to sitcoms. Those are always good shows. Now I'm watching "Fargo", which will air on FX. Great new series, like the movie, starring some amazing actors, some of whom I get to interview next week! It's good, but I'm not sure if I really should be watching it before I go to bed because it's so dark...

I apologize for missing some of the transcripts lately, but our local stations have been pre-empting shows, which is really annoying. I'll eventually get the missing episodes when our volunteer Wanda sends me copies. She will hopefully send them someday, along with the ones from last Summer that we're missing.

  • April 5

I read that John Barrowman is going to host a singing show this summer, "Sing Your Face Off". That's very odd (and not just because of the strange title). I guess because he sings and is on some similar show in the UK. He's such a fantastic actor, but he's also a great singer. I'll have to make sure to watch that one since he's one of my favorites. Even though I don't normally watch reality or game shows!

I've been watching the DVD's that were sent to me to review. I love this new show "Fargo" on FX, especially the actors, but there was one part I didn't like where they killed a dog. They need to stop using that horrible plot device in TV and movies!

I found out from Twitter that actor Ronn Moss is into guns. That's disappointing. Oh, well, it's not like a big deal. At least he was nice enough to reply to me when I asked him about it.

For once, I got our TV news and schedule pages done on time!

I can't believe that "Being Human" is ending on Monday. So sad! I'm still in denial about it.

I just read an article in "Entertainment Weekly" about the return of "24" on FOX. That should be good! Sounds fascinating.

Tomorrow I need to start watching some more soaps from my DVR and then finish watching these DVD's.

Don't forget to watch our "What's New" page for all the latest changes we made and stuff we added to the site.

Have a great week!

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