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The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #113

  • Sunday February 23

So glad that the Olympics are over! I'm very tired of re-runs.

Here's a good article about which shows are being renewed and which they're not so fond of. I hope they don't cancel The Mentalist or Almost Human! I will also not be happy if they cancel Beauty and the Beast, Dracula, Nashville, The Neighbors, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Revolution, The Tomorrow People, or Two and a Half Men! These are all on their "Looking Not So Good" list.

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  • Monday February 24

This morning I got to interview Jim Jefferies, star, creator and writer of "Legit" on FXX. I watched 4 episodes of his show last week and thought they were so funny. He was even funnier on the phone. Then we also did some chatting on Twitter! Awww!

I watched some "Days of Our Lives" earlier today and now I'm watching "Almost Human" and "Castle". So tired...have to watch "Teen Wolf" tomorrow, I guess!

  • Tuesday February 25

I watched "Teen Wolf". That show is so great - riveting.  I did notice a few things that annoyed me about this week's show, but otherwise it's still great. I hate this idea (now overdone in so many TV shows) that an insane asylum always has a secret locked room (usually in the basement) full of torture devices and/or old paperwork etc. No one would do that. Why wouldn't they just clean it out and throw all the stuff away? Makes no sense. At the very least, it would be a stupid thing legally to have that stuff lying around near crazy people. The other thing that struck me as stupid is that, since Stile's therapist Marin Morrell knows that he shouldn't sleep or else the nigutsine (demon) will take him over, you'd think she's make sure that the orderlies were told not to give him a sedative no matter what.

Now I'm catching up on "Vampire Diaries", which I always love. I guess, just with Teen Wolf, you have to just sit back and enjoy the ride and not pay too close attention to the details, the inconsistencies or the contradictions (or occasional stupid things). It's nice to have Damon back as his old evil, wise-cracking self, but I also like the new, good guy Damon, too. We don't want him too sappy, though.

I got to watch next week's "Archer", guest-starring Kenny Loggins, so that was fun. That show is always such a great chuckle.

  • Wednesday February 26

I get to interview Kenny Loggins this morning! Should be fun. Honestly I had no idea that he sang and/or wrote some of my favorite songs, like "Whenever I Call You friend" and I'd forgotten that he was part of "We Are the World". It was a great call. Make sure you check out all of the interviews.

  • Thursday February 27

I can hardly wait for the new Veronica Mars movie that's premiering March 14. I was a huge fan of that show. I beefed up our Veronica Mars pages a bit more. I really love it when TV shows I liked find new life in other mediums. A lot of the shows I like become comic books. Movies are even better, in a way (at least you get to see the real actors and not just drawings, and hopefully the original writers as well). TV is still my preferred medium, though. I love that you can watch 10-30 episodes per year, every year. I guess none of us ever like change, so that's why it makes it difficult when our favorite shows go away. A show seldom gets so bad that I stop watching it or think that it should get canceled. It has to get really really bad or make huge drastic changes that I don't like, for that to happen. I can only think of a few examples where that happened, and they were shows that were not on the air very long. One was a show called "Get a Life" starring Chris Elliot. Loved the first season, hated the second. Another was the show "War of the Worlds" that I believe lasted 3 seasons. The last season was very different.  Even when they really change the cast or the premise of the show, it has to be something I really hate for that to make me stop watching. I'm a devoted fan, what can I say :)  Obviously I'm not talking about shows that I'm not a big fan of to begin with.

I'm very sad that "Psych" is ending, although it had a pretty good run. I feel that its last two years were the best in quality and humor, though. I read that "The Mentalist" might not be renewed. I hope that's not true! I can't believe it. Even though he found Red John, so what? The show is better than almost any show on regular TV. They should do whatever it takes to keep it going.

  • Friday February 28

I watched the premiere of "Sirens" and also "Legit" (as well as many others they sent me DVD's for). Funny because Sirens' first episode had a lot of jokes about porn, and Legit's first episode of the season was partly about porn and quite a lot about masturbation.  I hope this isn't a new trend! Both were very funny, but still....kinda gross, too.

I'm always saying I want shows to be more realistic, and that's so true, but only to the extent that they're entertaining. That is, I don't want to see things that are boring or gross, just because they're realistic. These particular episodes were not boring, and they didn't quite go into gross territory (YMMV).

This morning I interviewed John Gammon, who plays Darrin on "The Middle" on ABC. It was a one-on-one interview. For some reason, my regular phone was acting funny, so I had to use my cell phone. It ended up working out ok.

There are a few actors I'm Facebook friends with and some are nice enough to chat with their fans. One of them is very opinionated, which can be funny. However, he's, how shall I say, unenlightened, and not very educated, so we have really had some verbal battles. Both of us know to keep cool, though. We don't get upset. I had quite a fight with this guy today about rape of all things. It's astounding how some people have some really backward ideas about women and about rape. I hope he got educated a little bit, but who knows. People are stubborn, particularly when they're arguing. I guess all those TV shows like the soaps and SVU really are necessary and more people should watch them to understand just what rape is, how devastating it can be and how often it happens (and what all the myths are about it). I have to admit that it kind of bugs me that on Y&R they're not calling it rape with regards to Nikki's sex years ago with Ian. I'm still on the January episodes, so forgive me if they've addressed this already. I think they have been saying all along that she was enamored of him but didn't necessarily want to have sex with him, but they were vague on the details of whether she said no or not. Clearly he was older and "took advantage" of their relationship, but if it is rape, they should call it that, and not use euphemisms.

I read that George Lopez got drunk and fell asleep on the floor of a casino up in Canada that he was working in, then I guess they arrested him. I wonder how that will affect the interview we're supposed to have with him on Monday? Hmm...

  • Saturday March 1

I wasted a lot of time today so I fell really behind on my work on the site! Sometimes I just need a break from all of the email and press releases.

I really hope the new "Flash" pilot is really good like Arrow and gets picked up! I thought the character was great on "Arrow". I loved the original Flash show in the early 90's and was so bummed when they canceled it.  John Wesley Shipp, who starred in it, will have a small role in the new series, so that's awesome.  He's actually one of those actors I was just talking about that is good at chatting with his fans on Facebook.

It was very sad that Soupy Sales died. He had a kids' show when my brothers were little, and they liked it, and my mom did, too (it was over before I was 1 year old). I saw him on TV a lot later in the 70's, in shows like "What's My Line" and "To Tell the Truth" (I used to watch a lot of game shows).  He had a big fight with Howard Stern in the 80's, when they were both on WNBC, near the end of Soupy's career.  We were living in New York at that time and listened to Howard's show, so we heard about it at the time.

We always try to review the new shows as much as we can so please check out our Primetime Reviews page! Quite a few new ones there.

Happy March!

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