Monday, December 23, 2013

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #105

I'm so glad they brought Brian back on "Family Guy". The episode didn't start out very funny, but it got a lot more so toward the end.

No new "Mentalist" for two weeks. Boo!!!

I loved the "Psych" musical episode this week. It was so great!! They always do a good job with their episodes.  Too bad Yang had to die, though!  Now, the music was not fantastic, though. If it had been a real musical, there would definitely have been a real ballad, like one between Shawn and Jules. It did go pretty fast for 2 hours, I must say.

My living room DVR is mostly filled with soaps since I'm usually a month behind...

I enjoy "Almost Human". I hope it stays on the air. There was one episode where the "hero" abused his position as a cop, and I didn't like that at all. It made me wonder if I should stop watching. It's been fine since then, though. Good scifi for the most part.

Lately, I notice cell phones in movies and TV shows. When I was reading the Harry Potter books a year or so ago, it kept making me wonder, if it takes place in the present, why don't they have computers and cell phones? They could have used them a lot in those stories. It struck me as kind of stupid that they didn't have modern technology along with magic. Also, it really bothered me, as a former teacher, that the students were only learning about magic and the Wizarding world and not about math, science, English etc. Last week, I went to see the Hobbit and it struck me that they could have used some good cell phones to communicate better. Also, we have been watching this Korean mystery soap called Mystery Housemaid. It takes place in the present but they have HUMONGOUS cell phones. I think these are what they call "phablets" now. They are way too big, though.  And, getting back to "Almost Human", it strikes me as odd that they still use cell phones in a future where they have all this cool technology like robots that seem like people. By that time, wouldn't they have some kind of implants in their brains or something, instead of cell phones? I mean, heck, the hero has a fake leg that is just like a real one for the most part. They also had a type of listening device that you could swallow and it was almost indetectible.  At the very least, I would think that cell phones would be as small as hearing aids, like Bluetooth, but smaller and with some sort of holographic keypad.

I have a bunch more TV DVD's to watch now... I'm thrilled that FX sent me some new episodes of "Justified"!! Yippeee! Love that show.

Some new shows coming up:

"The Assets" (ABC) January 2
" Intelligence" (CBS) January 7
"Killer Woman" (ABC) January 7
"Chicago PD" (NBC) January 8
"The Spoils of Babylon" (IFC) January 9
"Helix" (Syfy) January 10
"Enlisted" (FOX) January 10
"Animation Domination High-Def" — "Lucas Bros. Moving Co.," "Golan the Insatiable" (Fox) January 11
"True Detective" (HBO) January 12
"Chozen" (FX) January 13
"Under the Gunn" (Lifetime) January 16
 "Flowers in the Attic" (Lifetime) January 18
"Rake" (Fox) January 19
"Looking" (HBO) January 19
"Lizzie Borden Took an Ax" (Lifetime) January 25
"Black Sails" (Starz) January 25
"The Capones" (REELZ) January 28

Here's a much larger list!

I mostly watched soaps and DVD's this week.  You can read my DVD reviews!  Sundi and I also review the new shows so make sure to check back there.

Those of us who are fans of Michael Muhney, who plays Adam on The Young & The Restless, were very shocked that he was fired this week.  Stupid stupid decision!  He's an amazing actor.

I can't believe Christmas is almost here!

I've been catching up on "Once Upon a Time", my favorite show that's airing right now. Now I'm also watching the sequel show, Wonderland, which is not quite as good, but still, I enjoy it.  Wow, it's such a shock that Peter Pan is Rumplestiltskin's father!

The only problem with watching so much SciFi and fantasy is that I have some very weird dreams... some good and some not.

You can tell that sweeps are over and the holidays are upon us because it's mostly re-runs.  That's fine with me because I need the time to catch up on my viewing!

I took a break last night from TV viewing to listen to Christmas songs on the music stations on my Oceanic Time Warner Cable.  With DISH there were quite a few holiday channels. We have 4 here that are pretty good. 810 is Contemporary holiday songs. 819 is R&B holiday songs. 839 is traditional Christmas songs (mostly the really old ones like Bing Crosby, with a smattering of other easy listening hits from Carpenters, Neil Diamond etc.) and then there are some local radio stations on the cable, and one of them, 855, plays Hawaiian Christmas music. Honestly, I would rather just have a variety of all four channels play, so I don't have to keep changing it. I do have lots of Christmas songs on my computer, but I don't have the speakers hooked up right now.  Still, it's great to have all these music channels on our cable.

It's also great that you can watch and listen to lots of holiday TV shows, movies and albums on sites like YouTube. I've been enjoying my favorite Christmas movie, "Scrooge" on there. They have the entire movie, and also the original album soundtrack, and some of the Tommy Steele UK version.  So much fun!

Have a great holiday season!  Thanks for reading this blog, or Twitter, or Facebook, and for visiting our site.  Please give me the best Christmas present and visit my site often, and visit those annoying things that pay for the site (I'm not allowed to tell you what to do with the advertising, but it rhymes with "pick") and tell all of your family and friends about our site and how they should visit it. Even better, volunteer to help out with the site because we need that most of all!

A big thank you to my site's volunteers that put in so much work. We could not have such a great site without them and their efforts, that's for sure. Especially Giselle, who runs our daytime section.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, etc.

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