Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #92

We have all been very busy throughout the summer and the new fall TV season.  I put up new prime time news every day, and the week's schedule every weekend.  We have our daily update and recap writers for the daytime soaps, who have us covered on every single soap now on the air.  We still have the daily transcripts as well and lots of other great things on our site.  You can see what's new.

We have so many wonderful volunteers on our site and they work so hard.  We can always use more help, so please visit our jobs page This is for VOLUNTEERS only. We don't make any money at this. If you have a few hours per week, though, we would be very grateful for your help!

This summer it seemed like there were a lot of great shows to watch on cable – more than usual!  I had to really juggle things with my DVR to make sure I watch them all.  This fall, I've been watching all the new shows, and writing reviews for them.  None of them have really grabbed me this year.  "Vegas" on CBS was a particular disappointment.  I like the new shows "Go On", "Last Resort" and "666 Park Avenue." I'm very glad to see the return of some of my favorite shows like "Once upon a Time," "Castle", "Dexter", "The Mentalist," and many more. .  Even "South Park" has been funny again, although I can't really say the same for "Family Guy". I'm looking forward to this year's American Horror Story: Asylum.

We now have pages on Pinterest and Tumbler, so check them out.  We have a fun little TV group on Facebook, so stop by!  We've been getting a lot of great celebrity interviews, too (more coming this week so check back).

What are your favorite new shows?  Let us know here.

I'll try to figure out some more interesting things to say next time... so tired right now from putting up news and stuff!

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