Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #84

In case you're wondering, here is mostly what I do on my site (in my job).

The networks TV send me tons of stuff. They send me news and info every day, and some I get on other websites. I forward a lot of it to my volunteer Danielle, who posts it on our Primetime Forum.

I condense it a little and put it on our Primetime News Page. You'd be surprised how much time this all takes.

We have lots of soap opera daily summaries, and we never have enough people to write them, so if I have time, I write them myself.

We have daily transcripts for all the soaps, so I run a lot of those on my computer (it grabs the closed-captioning from the shows):

I also do emails and stuff dealing with volunteers and other things.

Warner Brothers, Universal, and various networks send me tons of DVD's to review, so when I have time (Ha!) I watch those and write reviews.
I also try to watch all the new shows at least once (not reality shows for the most part) and post the reviews there, too.

On Sunday nights, I usually collect news and spoilers for the soaps and post it in various newsletters on Yahoo groups (that people have signed up for) and on our forums.

Also on the weekend, I go to a page that lists all the talk show appearances for the week and look for actors I recognize so I can post that info on our site. Like for instance if William Shatner were appearing on Jay Leno, I'd post that on our Star Trek Appearances Page. I also look for appearances in other places like press releases, magazines, and Twitter.

Once a month, I choose winners for our DVD giveaway and also add any new DVD's they send me when I have extras.

Sometimes the networks offer me interviews with the actors or producers, and so I have to come up with questions, and write it up. I put those up on our Primetime Articles Page.

I have other stuff I do, too, whenever I can fit it in, but that is the most of it.

Oh, and every time I work on our site, I post it on the What's New Page so people can see what the latest stuff is:

This is why I'm always way too busy :)

Of course, the site has other volunteers who run transcripts, write updates or articles, or write interviews or reviews, too. Most of them do not do it full time like I do, though. Only Gisele, who helps me run the site. She works on all the daytime stuff. I don't know what I'd do without her!

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