Saturday, February 6, 2010

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #79

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Today was cool- I got to speak with Diahann Carroll, a true Hollywood legend, for an interview. Her answers to my questions may shock you! They will probably send me the transcript in a few days, so I can write up the interview.

Next week I get to talk to the guy who runs Leverage on TNT (great show!) and someone from Southland (I'm hoping for Ben McKenzie, but I may not be that lucky). Stay tuned!

I meant to mention in yesterday's post that Wednesday on CBS was amazing because it was two hours of soap opera actor guest stars! First, criminal Minds had Victor Webster, who started on Days of Our Lives as Nicholas. He is always gorgeous, but he really showed in this episode that he can act, too. He should have his own show. I could easily see him in a show like Remington Steele, or Castle, or Human Target, where he plays a suave, charming con man or detective. He was great as Cupid on Charmed and also he was awesome on last summer's "Harper's Island" until they killed him off. He played a con-man-turned murderer on Criminal Minds, and he was brilliant and creepy. Rebecca Staab, who was great on Port Charles as Elizabeth, played one of his victims. The episode had many other great guest stars, too. I thought the ending was a little silly - they shot the bad guy, the blood was on his chect but on the opposite side of his heart. One shot, and he falls down and dies. And then, he's surrounded by experienced FBI officers and no one rushes to check to see if he's alive or calls for an ambulance. But the rest of the episode was very good.

Then CSI New York was filled with great soap actors like Charles Shaughnessy, Finola Hughes, Ivan Shaw (who used to be on AMC) and Michael Graziadei (Daniel, Y&R). It was also a weird episode about people who like to drink blood, like vampires, so it was a good one.

Over on Supernatural, it was another awesome episode. I just love that show, and I'll be so sorry to see it end. They went back in time to the 70s to visit their parents. It was very good. The show always surprises and amazes me, and it doesn't help that both of the stars are so gorgeous as well as being such great actors.

Tonight is Friday, and I am bummed because I miss Dollhouse. Last week was the last episode. So depressing. I loved that show, and it just got better and better. Smallville was a two-hour episode that was just excellent. Maybe the best Smallville ever, or at least it was up there. They had Michael Shanks as Hawkman. The episode featured the Justice Society. If you're not a comic book fan, you won't know who that is. They did a very good job with both the story and all the little details, like costumes and special effects. I wish all Smallville episodes were this good. It is usually an uneven show, at best, especially the past couple of years. Even the ending was a jaw-dropper!

Weird thing is, they had a new episode last week, and somehow I missed it. My DVR did not record it, nor Caprica. And this week, the DVR messed up (probably due to a storm) and did not get most of Bones. I hate when that happens. Thank goodness for the net, though.

Which reminds me, I found a good site online for watching shows
I was able to find all of the episodes I missed this year on there, that I couldn't find anywhere else! That was great.

Numb3rs was also very good, with great guest stars. Marilu Henner, who used to be on Taxi with Numb3rs dad Judd Hirsch, was a guest-star. Unfortunately, they did not have one scene together! William Katt, who starred in Greatest American Hero, was the other guest star, as a Steven Seagal-type guy. He was hilarious.

I guess it must be sweeps month now, with all of these great shows!

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