Sunday, August 2, 2009

The TV MegaSite's Blog Post #73

If you're bored this summer without nothing to watch, you are just not exploring all of your options.

I have been enjoying "Being Human" on BBC America. It is a really good British scifi/fantasy series.

The premise is that a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost share an apartment. It sounds silly, like a joke, but it's really good. The acting and writing are fantastic. It's funny, and poignant, and exciting. Make sure you check it out.

If you can get an online peek at the British version, it's even better. They cut it up a bit on BBC America. Also, they had a pilot that has not been shown on the American channel, with different actors, and it is great.

Another great British show was "Life on Mars". You may have seen the recent American version. It was crap. The UK version is great. It only lasted two years, but it was just the best. You can now buy the first season on DVD (I don't know why it took them so long!).

Another great British show, of course, is "Torchwood". I am a big fan of "Doctor Who" but had not yet gotten around to watching Torchwood (which is sort of a spin-off), aside from a few episodes. I have the first two seasons of Torchwood on DVD but hadn't gotten around yet to watching them. I recently watched "Children of Earth", which is this season's Torchwood (they made a miniseries instead of a whole season for some reason). It was great!! Sad but great.

I love Doctor Who, too, and really miss it. They are coming back in 2010, thank goodness!! I can't wait. There have been a couple of good Doctor Who specials this year. I wish they could keep David Tennant around...he is awesome.

I watched a couple of other good TV movies, too, recently. One was "Impact", from Scifi Channel, about asteroids headed toward the was much better than those previous movies that were about similar subjects. The acting was good (the guy from JAG starred in it) and the writing was fine. It was really enjoyable.

I loved the recent FOX movie "Virtuosity". Well, it was an ok movie, but it was a great TV pilot. I wish they had made it into a TV series. Apparently they decided not to. That is really stupid of them. It was truly great. It was written by Ron Moore of Battlestar Galactica (among many other things) and directed by Peter Berg (who has done so many fabulous things). What were they thinking?

Just go find some good TV to watch! It's everywhere!

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